Is your institution considering a solution for managing and sharing your recorded lectures, flipped classroom videos, and other campus video assets?

Or have you already tried using other video platforms but found:

  1. They’re too difficult to work with, or don’t address all your video needs?
  2. Their support for video capture is limited or complicated?
  3. They don’t integrate well with your LMS, or do enough to support accessibility?

Here’s your chance to see why more than 1,000 universities, including 22 of the top 25 institutions worldwide, use Panopto. No other video platform is easier to administer, or as flexible for meeting the needs of both faculty and students.

If you’ve never seen Panopto, or if it’s just been a while, we invite you to watch this overview of our video platform, including a complete demo showing how you can use Panopto to:

  • Create, edit, and share videos
  • Insert quizzes into videos
  • Caption recordings and ensure support for accessibility
  • Securely manage your video library and customize it for your institution
  • Schedule recordings in advance
  • Search the words spoken and shown on-screen in your videos
  • Analyze video engagement data

To watch the webinar on-demand, simply fill out the form on this page.

Watch the Webinar