In many organizations, software development teams rely tools like email, Office, SharePoint, Slack, GitHub and web conferencing to help with information sharing. But when it comes to sharing detailed processes, in-depth feature designs, product functionality, and product specs, these systems often simply aren’t as efficient or as effective as most teams need them to be.

So how can you capture more information, faster? Video.

Here’s your chance to see how top organizations are using video to drive higher levels of productivity in their software development process. Whether your team uses agile, scrum, or a different software development methodology, in this webinar you’ll see an overview and demo of how the Panopto video platform can help your dev teams:

  • More quickly ramp up new hires on your code base and development processes
  • Provide a faster and more comprehensive code commenting experience
  • Enable your Q&A team to provide better bug reports and repro steps
  • Improve product information sharing and training with your support teams
  • Use video search to more quickly uncover specific product information
  • Provide more informed, comprehensive customer support experiences
  • Speed up technical product training for your sales team, marketing team, ops team, and others

Recognized by Gartner as a “Leader” in video content management four times in a row, Panopto enables organizations to train, document, and communicate more intelligently with video.

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