For most organizations, “just enough” is what passes for a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) strategy. Email, calendars, and maybe CRM access — just enough to keep some daily work going.

Problem is, just enough is too often not enough.

Comprehensive Bring Your Own Device programs have the power to enhance employee productivity while radically reducing hardware and data costs.

The strategies that deliver on that promise include device-agnostic access to every part of the organization — including both what employees need to access right now, as well as the capabilities they’ll demand tomorrow.

And that means for just about every mid-sized and large organization, your Bring Your Own Device strategy needs to include video.

How Can You Get Started?
Look first to your VCMS — and to our latest white paper guide, “Bring Your Own (Video Ready) Device: Why Your BYOD Strategy is Incomplete without Video — And How You Can Fix It”.

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