The modern energy industry relies on an array of experts — scientific, technical, and business specialists who’ve made the industry one of the world’s most profitable even as its resource become more expensive.

That expertise is essential — because today the energy industry is beset by complexity on all sides.

Regulators have proven quick to legislate how companies can do business. Markets soar and plummet on little more than analyst speculation. And talent pools are shrinking as a generation of experts prepares to retire and schools produce fewer scientists to replace them.

But there’s reason to maintain high expectations. After all, if any business has proven adept at finding new resources and adapting to new conditions, it’s the energy industry.

Today the energy industry has turned to technology for an ally in almost every aspect of doing business. And while many of those technologies are specialized tools designed for niche uses, one stands apart as a flexible, versatile means that helps companies do more in almost any environment: video.

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Video is helping energy companies make their expertise more agile — capturing innovations in extraction, manufacturing, refining, and distribution, preserving institutional knowledge, and sharing ideas and information vital to sustaining ROI even while resources fall and regulations mount.

In this white paper, we’ll take a deeper look into some of today’s most common video strategies that energy companies are leveraging to share expertise, support and scale training, and better equip their experts in order to create a competitive advantage. Download your copy now!

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