Efficiency is the key competitive advantage in today’s financial services industry. More scalable training can drive down expenses. More engaging communications can help boost services revenues. More available and effective knowledge sharing can preserve employee expertise, provide a repeatable alternative to in-person consultation, and enable product and market experts to more profitably optimize their time.

As Deloitte has observed, “Technology is at the center of almost everything banks do in the areas of growth, innovation, compliance, and operational efficiencies.” Yet while many of the technologies now driving returns in financial organizations are proprietary specialized tools designed to address niche opportunities, there is one particular ROI-builder that stands apart — video.

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In this new white paper we explore how video is helping financial institutions become more agile — scaling training and communications while cutting costs, preserving expertise ahead of turnover, and even enhancing transparency with customers — enabling firms to optimize operations and better capitalize on growth opportunities.

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