Spiking demand for technology has created incredible growth opportunities for tech sector businesses. But as software, hardware and online services companies compete for a bigger piece of the expanding technology market, their growth aspirations increasingly rely on a single asset — the knowledge of their people.

Without a tool to help scale the knowledge of its experts, no company stands a chance of keeping up with the pace of today’s market.

Fortunately, many organizations have already found just such a tool: video.

From driving more sales leads to increasing new employee retention to improving customer support, leading tech companies are already discovering the many ways that you can use video to communicate with employees and customers, share knowledge, and accelerate top-line growth.

In our latest white paper, The Tech Industry’s Secret Productivity Tool: Video, we explore how organizations can incorporate video as part of building a knowledge-based competitive advantage — and spotlight 9 important ways today’s leading technology companies are already leveraging video to drive innovation.

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