A presentation live-streamed to remote employees

The Challenge

The industrial engineering firm is a global conglomerate based in Europe with offices in more than one hundred countries worldwide. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, the company and its subsidiaries employ more than a quarter billion people around the world.

In 2013, the company was planning a 3-day internal conference in Madrid, designed to deliver expert knowledge and hands-on technical training for a key product. Realizing that many of the employees who couldn’t join the conference could benefit from the kind of knowledge shared there, conference planners needed a strategy for recording and sharing the event.  

Organizers were faced with a common challenge: how to preserve their event’s valuable presentations in a manner that would be both timely and cost-effective.  

The traditional event recording process presented a number of problems, chiefly: 

  • Expensive personnel and equipment
  • Complex, labor-intensive execution 
  • Slow delivery of final product

Due to these persistent issues, conference planners forecast that recreating their conference digitally would take 200 hours of work and wouldn’t be ready for 30 to 45 days after the event.

So, the team decided to try something different this time. They used Panopto instead.

An employee watches a live presentation

The Solution

The Learning & Development team had already been using a small Panopto implementation to power video for the company’s employee training and new hire onboarding programs. With the L&D team’s endorsement, internal event planners looked to see what else Panopto could do. That’s when they began to see how Panopto could help them overcome all three of their video challenges. 

Panopto can be installed quickly and easily on any laptop. The software automatically recognizes video and audio recording devices from USB webcams to HDMI video cameras, so anyone can use it anywhere — with just about any device and with minimal setup. 

Panopto can record multiple video streams with just one click, then automatically take care of syncing, encoding, and uploading the video to a secure, searchable video library. Presenters just click “record”, present, click “stop” — and Panopto does the rest. 

With Panopto, the conference hosts would be able to serve as their own AV team, recording both the speakers and their accompanying presentation materials themselves. Immediately following the sessions, each recording would be automatically uploaded to the company’s Panopto central video library, where the videos could then be edited with Panopto’s web-based video editor. 

After that, it would just be a matter of sharing a link to tell the rest of the employees that the recordings were available.

Watching a live-streamed event

The Impact

Despite the lack of experience with Panopto, the company successfully recorded all but two rooms in the first round of conference sessions and from then on saw every session captured in full. Set-up speed improved in each cycle, falling to 2-3 minutes per room by the end of the conference.

The Madrid conference was a success — and so were later conferences held online. Shortly after the videos were made available, they had been viewed more than 500 times by more than 200 employees.

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