Corporate Training

The Challenge

A specialty property and casualty insurer offers unique insurance products to agriculture and technology clients and generates over $1.4 billion in annual revenue.

With over 4,000 employees across the U.S., the company requires constant communication and training across business units to ensure alignment for continued growth. Much of the company’s prosperity is attributed to its diverse insurance offerings, with business units specializing in each of its product lines. The biggest of this specialization are onboarding, training, and compliance.

In order to provide employees with sufficient guidance, the company needed an easy-to-use, flexible video content management system.

The Solution

Panopto partnered closely with the company to provide training and best practices on creating an internal video library. This included working with the team to create a folder structure to keep training content organized, increasing accessibility for each business unit. Panopto worked with the team to plan a phased roll out to each business unit. This made the company’s video workflow easy to scale and use.

Panopto allows businesses to onboard employees using video.

The Impact

As a result of the successful implementation of Panopto, more than 35 business units now use Panopto in order to onboard, train, and ensure compliance among employees.

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