Suzuyo System Technology uses Panopto to boost engagement

The Challenge

Established in 1990, Suzuyo System Technology has been responsible for running the IT development, operation, and maintenance of Suzuyo Group – a Japanese logistics company that provides transportation, customs, and shipping services. Suzuyo System Technology continues to grow as a company that handles Suzuyo Group’s key IT-related operations, including computer processing and data preparation services.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a reduction in face-to-face communication brought about from the transition to working from home. Company growth had also created a top-down environment where it was difficult to communicate company culture between divisions.

Suzuyo Information Technology used video to increase productivity

The Solution

After implementing a thorough evaluation program that enabled employees to explore the benefits of video, Suzuyo introduced and began implementing Panopto in 2021 to reform the existing ways of working. 

“Both the CEO and company officer I report to agreed that Panopto was a good match for our goal of reforming the way we work…Panopto was also much easier to use than previous tools,” says Kikuchi Tadashi, First Systems Integration Division Head, Suzuyo System Technology.

“Everyone on the team, from women on short-hour contracts with whom I usually have little contact, to training personnel, provided thorough reports.”

“Panopto was a good match for our goal of reforming ways of working…Panopto’s advanced functionality allows statements made at meetings to be converted to text automatically. Panopto was also much easier to use than previous tools.”

Kikuchi Tadashi, First Systems Integration Division Head
Suzuyo IT uses video for training and greater communication.

The Impact

Thanks to a Panopto initiative powered by a number of employees, Suzuyo has embraced video and the impact has been profoundfrom improving company operations to significantly reducing working hours.

“In the past, training sessions and real-time seminars required a significant time commitment, but now a variety of video content is uploaded to Panopto and there are more short videos available. Staff are able to learn efficiently in their available time,” Tadashi says.

Committed to a new culture of sharing employee knowledge and experiences, video has also been used as a way to foster communication between employees, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A video of an employee and his family folding 1,000 paper cranes and placing them at a nearby shrine was very popular. Many people said they found [it] soothing,” Tadashi says.

Looking to the future Tadashi says he intends to utilize video in staff training and investment, and advises anyone thinking of introducing video in their organization to “just do it and show what video can do.”

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