Lecture capture setup examples and diagrams

The Challenge

The University of Verona offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programmes in a variety of disciplines. This forward-thinking institution is dedicated to adapting teaching and learning to its students’ needs and continuously seeks to align its degree programmes with the real world of work.

The University of Verona was using Moodle as its LMS and Zoom for live video conferencing. Whilst both of those systems could be managed and used from any location, professors still had to physically be in the classroom on campus to record a lecture video. With limited classrooms equipped for lecture capture, booking time to record course videos outside of scheduled class time was often difficult, and sometimes impossible.

The team needed a software-centric video capture solution that would give professors more flexibility to record videos anytime, from anywhere. Sharing videos with students also had to be effortless.

Record your screen with your iPhone webcam video

The Solution

The University of Verona adopted Panopto to empower educators to explore new styles of teaching. After just one, hour-long workshop on using Panopto and Moodle, professors were able to easily begin using the new system, greatly expanding their video recording capabilities.

The university was also able to automate workflows to deliver video content securely to students via their LMS and manage the system remotely.

“Panopto was our first choice for a number of reasons, including its ease-of-use, its built-in integrations for other technologies we already used, and because the people behind the software really impressed us.”

Silvano Pasquali, Head of the TID team, IST Area, University of Verona
Student experiencing hybrid classroom setting by watching video lectures.

The Impact

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Italy imposed a national quarantine in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. Whilst students at many other Italian universities experienced cancelled classes and significant disruptions, University of Verona students were able to continue the semester online without interruption.

One thing was certain – the university’s early adoption of the right mix of learning technologies had set them up for success. “We felt prepared,” says Silvano Pasquali, Head of the TID team, IST Area. “Though we did not anticipate the pandemic, we knew that our learning technology ecosystem could support us in the transition to online learning.”

The University of Verona was the first university in Italy to deploy Panopto. Looking back, Pasquali says he could not have felt more confident in the partnership from day one. “Panopto is built and managed end-to-end by the same team in-house. Other video platforms consist of third-party solutions, which can make troubleshooting much more challenging…When I call Panopto, they listen to our feedback and work hard to
support us.”

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