Panopto Announces Five Partnerships At InfoComm 2018

Video platform provider will join Matrox, Synergy SKY, WolfVision, Panasonic, and Sony to exhibit a series of new solutions


SEATTLE, June 5, 2018 — Panopto, a leading video platform provider for businesses and universities, today announced it would join Matrox, Synergy SKY, WolfVision, Panasonic, and Sony at InfoComm 2018, showcasing a series of new solutions for recording and managing video. The partnerships will provide Panopto customers in the enterprise and higher education markets with new options for video capture appliances, video cameras, and video conference recording solutions.

“Panopto is building a broad partner ecosystem that enables our customers to manage their video content based on their unique requirements and existing technology investments,” said Sean Gorman, Chief Operating Officer of Panopto. “At Infocomm, we’re seeing unprecedented momentum in the number of partners showcasing Panopto product integrations, which reflects the record demand for our video platform within businesses and universities. We’re excited to partner with Matrox, Synergy SKY, WolfVision, Panasonic, and Sony, and look forward to supporting them at this event.”

InfoComm 2018 attendees can find Panopto’s newly announced partner solutions in the InfoComm Exhibit Halls, in the following locations:

Matrox — Exhibiting in the North Hall, Booth #N1322
Matrox will be showcasing the company’s newly announced Panopto-certified video capture appliance. Jointly developed with Panopto engineering, the appliance features two HDMI inputs with 1080p 60FPS recording, whisper-quiet operation, Panopto’s “Remote Recorder” scheduling functionality, and automatic upload to Panopto Cloud.

Synergy SKY — Exhibiting in the North Hall, Booth #N1769
A specialist in video conference scheduling, reporting and analytics solutions, Synergy SKY will be demonstrating a newly created integration with Panopto and Pexip. The solution enables end users to schedule a Pexip video conference from their calendar and use a Synergy SKY bot to automatically record the online meeting and publish it to their Panopto library.

WolfVision — Exhibiting in the North Hall, Booth #N1506
WolfVision will be showing the company’s Cynap lecture capture appliance, which can now act as a capture device for Panopto. Working in partnership with Panopto engineers, WolfVision has developed a new feature pack for Cynap, which after activation, enables recordings made locally on Cynap to be pushed automatically to Panopto’s video content management system in the cloud.

Panasonic — Exhibiting in the Central Hall, Booth #C3185
Panasonic will be demoing the company’s IP Cameras, which connect to Panopto using the NewTek NDI standard. Panopto’s support for NDI enables businesses and universities to connect IP-based cameras and other NDI-enabled devices to Panopto’s video capture and encoding software over a standard Ethernet LAN, eliminating the need for HDMI/SDI cable runs and video decoding hardware. This simplifies installation, adds a new level of flexibility to managing video capture infrastructure, and can help Panopto customers save time and costs on video platform deployment.

Sony — Exhibiting in the Central Hall, Booth #C2363
Sony will be demoing their line of PTZ cameras. Sony’s SRG series of cameras capture and live stream video at up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second (60fps), pairing well with Panopto’s media pipeline, which is the first in the video platform market to support 60fps on-demand and live streaming. Sony’s cameras can connect to a Panopto client via USB or HDMI, and once connected, will be automatically recognized by Panopto as a video capture source and configured for the highest quality recording and streaming.

About Panopto
Panopto helps businesses and universities create searchable video libraries of their institutional knowledge. Since 2007, the company has been a pioneer in video capture software, video content management systems, and inside-video search technology. Today, Panopto’s video platform is the largest repository of expert learning videos in the world. Headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Pittsburgh, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney, Panopto has received industry recognition for its innovation, rapid growth, and company culture. For more information, visit