Search the actual content of your videos.

AI-powered video search helps viewers find information inside your videos.

Smart Search automatically indexes every word spoken or shown on-screen, so your viewers can find and fast-forward to the exact moment in videos where their search was mentioned. Whether the video was created with Panopto or not, every video uploaded to your video library is searchable.

Search inside the content in your video library with Panopto's Smart Search

“The Best Support for Video Search.”

Smart Search by Panopto.

Panopto’s Smart Search is the most comprehensive way to search the content inside your video library. The analysts agree — Forrester Research reports, Panopto has “the best support for video search.”

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How much could you save by making your videos easier to search?

Panopto's Smart Search automatically indexes the content inside your videos for search

Never tag another video.

Whether you’re capturing a new video or uploading an existing recording, Panopto’s Smart Search automatically indexes every video you add to your library. That means all your recordings and video presentations can be searched as easily as documents and email, and you’ll never need to spend time manually tagging videos again.

Panopto's video search engine enables users to search inside videos in nine languages

Search. Suche. Zoek. Chercher. Búsqueda. 検索. 검색.

Search inside videos in nine languages.

Smart Search supports nine languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, and Polish. Video content in any of these languages can be automatically indexed and instantly searched in the respective language.

Panopto securely integrates with your LMS or CMS to allow in-video search even when users aren't in your video CMS

Search your video library from anywhere.

Video search federation with OpenSearch.

Good news: Panopto’s video search engine connects with your LMS, CMS, social tools and more. That means your teams can find relevant video content whenever they look for information — even if they’re performing that search somewhere other than your video CMS.

Thanks to OpenSearch federation, you can securely link Panopto’s Smart Search engine with other tools and applications used by your organization and view aggregate search results all in one place. This means you can search your Panopto video library while still within Saba, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Salesforce, SharePoint On-Premises, WordPress, Jive and more.

And with OpenSearch, you can even search your private video library from your browser’s address or search bar. Just add Panopto to your browser’s list of available search providers and you can get Smart Search video search results without ever leaving Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Safari.