Discover Panopto
Innovative Features for Knowledge Sharing and Video

Create Content

Content creation features that enable users to easily capture, edit, and share video presentations and lectures, enhancing learning and communication

Publish to Your Organization

Streamlined publishing capabilities that allow users to securely distribute their video content across various platforms, ensuring it reaches the intended audience efficiently.

Engage Your Audience

Audience engagement through interactive features such as embedded quizzes, live Q&A sessions, and viewer analytics, making it easy to measure and improve viewer involvement.


Seamless integrations with third-party applications, including LMS, CMS, and conferencing tools, enabling a cohesive and flexible video management and sharing experience.

Online Video Editing

Panopto’s online video editor enables easy, web-based video editing including trimming, adding slides, embedding quizzes, and refining captions.

Video Recording

Panopto’s video recording software allows HD multi-stream recording from various devices, supports offline and online recording, integrates with video conferencing tools, and offers live streaming.

Remote Recording

Panopto’s remote recording feature enables easy scheduling, control, and automation of video capture from multiple devices via a web browser or smartphone app, reducing the need for AV team support​