Panopto features - video content management system (video CMS)

Video Content Management

Securely centralize and stream your videos, create playlists, optimize playback, and measure viewer engagement.

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Recording Video

Capture video feeds from any camera and any screen — even multiple feeds simultaneously.

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Live Video

Broadcast to ten viewers or ten thousand, with one-click, professional-grade live streaming.

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Panopto features - video search engine

Video Search

Search across your entire video library and inside videos for any word spoken or shown.

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Panopto features - video integrations and apps


Connect your video library into your LMS, CMS, SSO, internal portals, and more.

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Mobile Video

Native apps and automatic device detection put your entire video library in your pocket.

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Service and Setup

Our team is here to help with your initial implementation, training, ongoing technical support, and more.

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