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Secure Video Management

Videos aren’t like other files. Panopto’s content management system was built for storing and managing video assets securely, at scale.

What is a video content management system (video CMS)?

And why do you need one?

Learning management systems (LMSs), content management systems (CMSs), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems aren’t designed for managing videos. They limit your file sizes. They don’t support every type of video file format. And the way they stream video can quickly bog down your network.

video content management system, or video CMS, is purpose-built to enable organizations to centralize, manage, and deliver video securely online.

With Panopto’s industry-leading video CMS, it’s easy for anyone in your organization to find and stream all of your video assets online, from anywhere in the world. Best of all, Panopto integrates with your existing LMS, CMS, CRM, and other internal IT systems, so you can share videos and video playlists in the places your people already go for information.

“For the team here at Nike, Panopto has two major benefits. First, the Panopto video platform really helps us meet all our video needs. And second, Panopto’s customer service has been just amazing.”

Marie Dufosse, Program Coordinator, Nike

Secure sign-on and user-level permissions.

With Panopto, security comes first. Panopto’s video CMS integrates with single sign-on (SSO) ID management solutions including Google Apps, oAuth, SAML, and Active Directory, as well as a number of LMS authentication systems for both desktop and mobile users. Customers can authenticate through other ID providers using our API, and can continually synchronize access control lists.

By default, videos uploaded to your Panopto library or live streamed are only viewable by users who are given access. Administrators can make selected videos available more broadly, either to anyone logged into your Panopto video CMS or to the general public. Administrators can also update sharing settings for collections of videos, eliminating the need to update each recording individually.

The only video management system that helps teams work smarter, not harder.

Panopto’s solutions for video search and discovery help organizations transform the ways in which they collaborate and share knowledge.

Search your entire library of videos and meeting recordings just like you search your email to instantly find valuable information within any video assets you have permission to view. You can jump to the exact moment a keyword search is mentioned, or use Panopto’s unique in-video navigation features, such as the table of contents and visual thumbnails, to skip around and glean other insights quickly.

With video tagging and subscriptions, knowledge spreads even faster. Apply tags to increase the visibility of video content across your team, department, or your entire organization. You and other users can browse videos by tag or subscribe to relevant tags to stay up to date on certain parts of the business. You can also subscribe to videos shared by other users in your organization.

Never convert another video file.

Upload one or one hundred videos in virtually any format. In minutes, Panopto will automatically transcode every recording so it can be shared with anyone and played on any device. Panopto supports an ever-growing list of video formats, including AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, MOV, QT, ASF, 3GP, WMA, MP3, M4V, and more.

An end-to-end video platform.

Managing video shouldn’t require a collection of point solutions. Panopto is the only technology you need to create, manage and live stream video content securely from any device. Either on its own, or integrated with your LMS, CMS, CRM, or company portal, Panopto’s video management platform makes it easier to put video to work for your organization.

Video Cloud

Host videos securely in the cloud and control access to both your portal and individual videos.

Drag-and-Drop Video Upload

One by one or one hundred at a time, upload existing videos to your video CMS with ease.

Video Transcoding

Never worry about file types again. Panopto automatically formats every video for optimal playback.

Video Delivery

Deliver video over your network and across firewalls using HLS and adaptive bitrate streaming.

Mobile Apps

With native support for mobile video, Panopto puts your entire video library in your pocket.

Interactive Video Players

Make your video library more engaging with interactive players and flexible playback options.

Interactive Quizzing

Test comprehension, reinforce concepts, improve retention, and make your videos more interactive.

Video Analytics

Get detailed reports on viewer engagement and drop-off rates for every video in your library.

Video Captioning

Automatically add captions to your videos for improved accessibility.

Brand Customization

Easily customize your video portal’s colors, logo, and icons to match your organization’s brand.

Custom Video Branding

Add your logo and your colors to customize the look and feel of your videos, everywhere they appear.

Video branding, from your portal to your players.

Custom video branding should include more than just adding your logo to your homepage.

With Panopto, brand customization extends to your entire video library, from your portal page, interactive video player, and embedded video player, right down to the controls, tabs, and buttons. Additional customization can be done at the folder level, allowing organizations to apply unique branding specifically for academic departments, child brands, and individual business units.

The look you want in 60 seconds or less.

Simply upload your logo, pick an accent color, and you’re done. Panopto will customize your video portal and video player controls to reflect your brand identity. No web design expertise required.

Every brand looks good in Panopto.

So your brand color is lemon chiffon (#FFFACD)? No problem. Our patent-pending algorithm adjusts site colors and highlights automatically to ensure that text is always readable and that your video library looks great.

Add custom virtual backgrounds.

When recording videos in a professional-looking environment isn’t possible, virtual background blur and replacement makes it easy to create a video message or presentation that looks clean and polished. Upload a default background image to Panopto so your organization’s users can create video content with a consistent look and feel that reflects your brand, while staying productive.

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