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Power-up Learning with Panopto AI

Streamline content workflows, empower content creators and administrators, and deliver even more accessible content to learners across your global campus or organization.

The era of AI and smarter learning is here. Is your organization getting smarter yet?

AI powers a future of knowledge management optimized for outcomes. From content creation to analytics and automation, our mission is to provide smarter knowledge and learning workflows for business leaders, students, and instructors. At Panopto, we’re designing a platform where curiosity–and innovation–make intelligent capabilities.

This eBook includes an overview of the impactful ways your organization or institution can work and learn with Panopto AI.

Why This eBook?

  • User-Centric AI Approach: Learn how Panopto designs AI features for content creation and publication that are aligned closely with your core user experience, compliance standards, and more.
  • Key AI Techstack: From smart chapters to captioning, understand how Panopto already leverages AI for a smarter learning experience with video.
  • The Future of AI-powered Learning: Explore our AI product roadmap, featuring innovations that simplify content creation and administration while enhancing accessibility and support.
  • Unlock Personalization: Learn how AI-powered transcripts unlock personalized learning pathways with smarter content discovery and recommendations, language detection, video content notes, and more.

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