Panopto Connect

Your community’s content – all in one place.

Create a customized online video library optimized for any device. Reach your audience the way you want with full design control: branded playback, custom carousels and content pages.

Design, Connect, Engage

It’s time to stay connected – your way.

Brand content your way

It’s your viewer experience–so design it. Customize portal playback with branding, imagery, and banners that deliver your organization’s message. Reach your audience with video content by taking back control of how you share it.

Share content securely to external audiences

Publish fresh, relevant content to a diverse range of viewers with easily navigable sub-pages you create based on the topics, tags, and categories that meet your unique needs. Maintain full control of secure distribution with customizable access permissions for viewers tuning in around the world.

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Power immersive learning experiences

Keep your message in focus–and viewers engaged–with an embedded ‘in-portal’ player coupled with high-level video summaries and more video recommendations. Ensure knowledge retention with a playback experience designed just-right for learning.

Watch anywhere, from any device

Meet viewers where they are and connect with them wherever they like: on-the-go, at home, work, and from any preferred device. Responsive design capabilities help you deliver the best experience for any viewer.

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