2020 Best Places to Work Awards - Panopto
Software engineering at Panopto

Join a world-class software engineering team.

At Panopto, we believe video can have a transformational impact on teamwork and collaboration. We built an industry-leading platform to achieve our mission: help anyone share knowledge with video. Early success has fueled adoption at many companies and most of the top universities around the world, and our rapid growth has been recognized by Gartner, Aragon, and Deloitte. But we’re just getting started; the business is growing fast, and we have lots of new ideas still to explore.

Panopto is a truly unique company; we’re at a sweet spot between big companies and early-stage startups.  Like a big company, we have great benefits and work-life balance, a product that’s proven in the marketplace, a strong business, and a team of top-notch engineers.  Like an early startup, we move fast, have very few meetings, and everyone has huge ownership and opportunity for impact. If you find that your “head” chooses to work at a big company, but your “heart” wishes you were at a small company, Panopto might be the place for you.

Our innovative product makes it so easy to create high-quality videos, our customers generate content by the petabyte.  Video at this huge degree of scale–the largest video repository of expert knowledge on the planet–gives Panopto the chance to shine: tackling problems of content discovery.  Our industry leading inside-video search indexes every detail of the audio and video tracks, so we can take users to the exact moment of video they need to see.

But these are still early days, we have a myriad of interesting, hard problems to solve: We can use machine learning to extract concepts and structured data from video and create tailored learning experiences.  We can make our UX even easier to use, to ensure all the ‘rocket science’ going on behind the scenes appears ‘easy’ and ‘obvious’ to end users. We’ll continue to find creative solutions to scale our cloud system as it grows by leaps and bounds.  By mining data analytics that are only meaningful at our scale, we’ll surface insights to users about how to improve their presentations and make content that’s more compelling to viewers.

Sounds like fun? Join our team! Bring your talents to bear on problems that have real meaning, that will challenge you intellectually, and where your work will have a direct impact on how students learn, how instructors teach, how people around the world share their expert knowledge.

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Your team.

This is what a “Successful Startup” looks like: A 10 year track record of growth. A recognized leader in our industry. A client list with names you’ve actually heard of. And sharp minds in every chair. All together, it’s why we’ve been named one of Seattle Magazine’s Best Places to Work — twice.

We take building our team seriously. We try hard to hire the very best, and in turn, we make empowerment and autonomy real priorities. We don’t do bureaucracy, but we don’t do spaghetti code or shoot-from-the-hip decisions either — we’re mission-driven with intelligent processes.

Most importantly, we never forget our team members are people first. Here, you’ll find flexibility in where and how you can work, a casual office environment, and actually valuable benefits you won’t find elsewhere — like personal and family healthcare plans that are 100% paid for.

“Panopto’s mission is to help anyone share knowledge using video. Our user base is as diverse as the world’s universities and businesses. To fulfill our mission with the best products and services, we eagerly seek individuals who bring diversity of thought, experience, and background to create an engaging work environment, foster innovation and better understand and meet the needs of our users.”

Your home(s).

We operate in six of the tech-savviest cities in the world.

Our headquarters is in the historic Smith Tower in downtown Pioneer Square.

Our London home is in a Victorian warehouse space that's been transformed into contemporary work spaces.

Our Pittsburgh home is in the vibrant North Shore neighborhood, ​overlooking the Allegheny River.

Our Hong Kong home is located in the bustling Kowloon Peninsula.

Our home in Sydney is a short walk from the Harbour Bridge in the central business district.