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Whether you’re recording executive messages or live streaming town hall events, you won’t find an easier, more cost-effective solution than Panopto.

The easiest way to produce live and on-demand corporate communications videos.

Creating video for corporate communications used to be a nightmare of expensive AV consultants, too-long turnaround times, and a myriad of technical frustrations like file formatting, compression, search indexing, and more. Fortunately, Panopto is here to help.

Open Panopto on any laptop and with just a few clicks, you’re able to professionally capture announcements, presentations, interviews, speeches, town hall events, and more, live or on-demand. Record yourself, your slides, your screen, and any other secondary video — Panopto syncs everything, helps you edit and share, and automatically takes care of all the complex formatting and transcoding. And with Panopto, all of your videos are searchable and shareable, so your audience will be able to follow along anytime, from anywhere in the world.

“It’s amazing how simple it was — with Panopto, everything just worked. Instantly, we had a repeatable and reliable process that we could use with all our team meetings going forward.”

Director of Information Technology, Global Sporting Goods Manufacturer

Simplify executive communications.

And make it easier to foster transparency from the top.

Every year employees ask for more transparency from their executives and deeper insight into the inner workings of their organizations. Most companies want to oblige, but when executives’ schedules are already triple-booked, adding more brown bags and town halls just isn’t possible.

Executive communications are more flexible and scalable with Panopto’s enterprise video platform. Panopto enables leaders to quickly record candid video presentations on-demand, covering virtually any aspect of the business, and to share them securely for employees to view. With one extra click, executives and communications teams can broadcast announcements and town hall meetings live in high definition, instantly reaching thousands of employees, investors, or customers across the globe.

Keep your entire team up to speed.

Whether it’s a change in strategy or just an update to policies, organizations get into trouble when their people aren’t all working with the same information.

Panopto puts you in control of making sure your message is heard. Share video communications via email, or embed them in internal websites and collaboration tools. With Panopto, leaders across your organization can easily share timestamped links to reinforce key points as they relate specifically to their reports and teams. Employees can follow video content shared by specific individuals or subscribe to video tags to discover newly released information. And every video message shared with Panopto can be searched just like a text document or an email.

Video conferencing tools can’t do it all.

Video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Webex Meetings, and Teams are great for real-time conversations, but they can’t support on-demand video communications like Panopto can.

With video conferencing integrations, Panopto is the perfect complement to your unified communications (UC) tools. Use your existing UC tools to record your live web conferences, announcements, presentations, and anything else. When you’re finished, Panopto automatically uploads your recordings to your secure, searchable video library and can be configured to automatically share recordings with all meeting participants.

“Panopto has quickly become more than just a training solution for us. We’re also using it to record and share Teams meetings, which limits the number of participants. Now, monthly meetings hosted by senior engineers can be watched and rewatched by all of the technicians within our organization.”

Eric Hill, Senior Product Training Specialist, Canon Solutions America, Inc.

Wow them with a better live streaming experience.

Forget the attendance caps many video conferencing solutions impose, and share your live streams with a virtually unlimited audience. Whether it’s ten people or ten thousand, Panopto can deliver both public and secure HD live streams to your viewers in any web browser, without requiring anyone to download or install special software.

With RTMP live captioning, you can make your live streams more accessible and provide an enhanced viewing experience for non-native language speakers, or for people who prefer to watch videos with closed captioning. And Panopto’s live DVR controls enable viewers to pause, rewind, and replay your live feed as it’s streaming — so those joining late can start from the beginning and stream your webcast in its entirety.

“At the end of the day, nobody wants to read through long emails or dense policy. They prefer to have it said to them wherever possible. And because our recordings are all searchable, we’re giving them exactly the information they need.”

Business Analyst, Financial Technology Company

Measure employee engagement with corporate communications.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Webpage visits and email opens only tell you if people made it to the starting line, not how many finished. How can you find out if your messages are resonating with employees if you don’t even know whether people are actually reading them?

Video communications provide your team with deeper insight into how employees are engaging with internal communications. Panopto’s video analytics provide corporate communications teams with detailed reporting for every video in your library, including the number of times each recording was viewed, the number of unique viewers, the timing of viewer drop-off, and more.

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