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How Onboarding with Video Impacts Retention and Productivity

In today’s evolving workforce, effective employee onboarding plays a crucial role in shaping the success and satisfaction of new hires. Research shows that a strong onboarding process improved new hire retention by 82% and improved productivity by over 70%. Leveraging the power of video in onboarding processes not only streamlines training but also fosters deeper engagement and knowledge retention among employees. 

Here are 5 advantages of integrating video into the onboarding process and how a Video Content Management System (VCMS) can enhance retention and productivity for new hires at your organization. 

Advantages of Video for Onboarding:

Consistency and Standardization

For businesses with offices scattered across the country, or even the world, it’s important to be consistent with the delivery of all company culture and policies. Video content ensures uniform delivery of essential onboarding information across all new hires, fostering a cohesive understanding of company values and expectations from day one. 

Enhanced Engagement and Retention

Most new employees spend their first few days and weeks overloaded with new-hire training and introductory meetings. This can be overwhelming, causing important information to slip through the cracks. By incorporating interactive videos, organizations can captivate new employees, creating a video onboarding experience that is more engaging, memorable, and conducive to long-term knowledge retention.


The initial investment in creating onboarding videos yields long-term benefits by enabling organizations to reuse the content for multiple onboarding sessions, streamlining training processes, and optimizing resource utilization.

Travel and accommodation costs can be expensive for companies that have global employees. In fact, the average training cost per new hire is around $4,100. Onboarding with video allows new hires to watch training videos from wherever they are, reducing the need for expensive on-site training. 

Flexible Training Options

Onboarding videos provide flexibility for new hires to access training materials at their convenience. An on-demand content library allows employees to revisit key concepts and modules as needed and promotes continuous learning and skill development. 

Remote Accessibility

In an era characterized by remote work and decentralized teams, video-based onboarding ensures a seamless experience for all employees no matter their geographical location. The addition of language captioning and transcriptions can help standardize content across a global workforce. 

Panopto’s Tailored Features for Video-Based Onboarding

When it comes to optimizing the learning journey for new employees, Panopto’s feature-rich platform helps your organization enrich onboarding with interactive tools to drive retention, get employees up to speed with easy content management, and mitigate the downtime of employee turnover. Here’s an overview of how Panopto supports new employee onboarding.

Centralized Video Management: Simplify how you organize and share content with Panopto’s centralized video content management system. Panopto’s VCMS keeps videos all in one place, making it easy for employees to find and stream training videos online. 

Interactive Learning Tools: Engage new hires effectively with interactive quizzes, assessments, and discussions integrated within the video content, allowing for active participation and reinforced learning outcomes.

Advanced Search Capabilities: Empower employees to quickly locate relevant training videos with Panopto’s unique AI-powered search, enhancing relevant knowledge discovery.

Analytics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights into employee engagement, learning progress, and training content performance with Panopto’s analytics suite. Make data-driven decisions to refine the onboarding process. 

Learn More About How Panopto Optimizes Onboarding

With the right video platform and onboarding program in place, employees not only retain more information but also feel more connected to the company culture, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity. Panopto’s video onboarding tools can get your new hires up to speed– all while saving your company time and money.

To learn more about the benefits of using video in your onboarding program, download our eBook: 15 Ways to Enhance New Employee Onboarding with Video