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Panopto for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

An industry-leading video content management platform

How can Panopto help
your organization?

Deliver the prescription for learning on-demand

Panopto’s on-demand video platform empowers your healthcare organization to find what they need without slowing down productivity. Easily search and discover relevant training materials across your video library, optimize playback with any device, and revisit concepts for increased retention.

Launch your own virtual training programs

Panopto makes it easy to centralize and manage all of your video content. Create an on-demand library of training videos designed to keep employees learning online or wherever they are. With a content library that is easily accessible and secure, manage and deliver tailored training across your global organization. 

Keep employees healthily skilled and competitive

Easily create and share searchable professional development, compliance, and skills training videos, and keep staff and physicians updated with the latest clinical information and methods. With Panopto, you can record courses for eLearning, patient simulations, healthcare compliance training videos, and more.

Capture and share your expert knowledge

From how to work through a diagnosis to how to work through a database, Panopto’s video platform helps healthcare organizations preserve, share, and search their internal expertise.

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