How Today’s Healthcare Providers Are Using Video

Turn to any news network and it’s hard to avoid finding a discussion about the healthcare industry. From economic debates about funding to the latest research on medical practices, prescriptions, and more, what’s new in medicine seems to be on just about everyone’s minds.

For those in the healthcare industry itself, another pervasive change has in the last few years changed the very face of work in the field — an evolution that’s neither political nor scientific, but technical.

Healthcare Video - Panopto Video PlatformVideo has, in the last decade, become an essential part of how employees in hospitals, clinics, medical schools, and other offices in the healthcare industry teach, train, and share information.

It’s easy to see why. In a field that rivals any for jargon, healthcare must also contend with a subject matter that is quite literally hidden away inside. In even the best of circumstances it’s possible for medical professionals to misunderstand text-based documentation and best practices — those difficulties only increase as physicians, assistants, administrative staff and others are pressed to share more knowledge more quickly, and do so potentially with audiences that may not share their first language.

In such a world, video has been met with a welcome relief — a simple tool that can quickly show more detail than could ever be described in text, and that can be shared and reviewed easily anytime and anywhere it’s needed.

How Are Modern Health Care Providers Using Video Today?

To Transform The Healthcare Learning Environment
Healthcare Safety Training - Panopto Video PlatformVideo training helps keep physicians and staff up-to-date with latest information, methods, and practices. More than 66% of physicians use online videos to stay abreast of the latest clinical information, spending an average of 11 hours per week on professional training and development. With Panopto, you can easily record training courses, patient simulations, and more, and automatically store them in centralized, searchable video library. The result is a continuing education program that is both convenient and cost-effective.

To Streamline Corporate and Internal Communications
Employee Engagement at Black Forest Hospital - Panopto Presentation CaptureEvery organization relies on effective communications with its employees, board and staff. But this can be a challenge in healthcare, where employees aren’t necessarily seated in front of their email inbox all day. Video provides the most powerful medium for corporate communication – it can be live streamed or distributed on demand to thousands of employees around the world, it helps improve understanding and retention of key messages, and its success can be measured through analytics. With Panopto, you get an all-in-one platform for live streaming webcasts and town hall meetings, recording and sharing information from Human Resources, and providing a secure “Corporate YouTube” where employees and stakeholders can stay informed.

To Improve Patient Education with On-Demand Video
Healthcare Patient Education - Panopto Video PlatformVideo can act as a powerful supplement to your patient education efforts, providing guidance on disease prevention, medical procedures, and chronic condition management. Video has also been shown to promote active patient participation in treatment decisions while saving physicians time associated with individual counseling. Panopto’s video platform enables you to record high quality patient education videos using any video capture device, from webcams to professional video cameras, and host those recordings for in-facility streaming or on your public website.

To Broadcast Public Events, Presentations, and Announcements
Lung Cancer Screening presentation - Panopto Presentation Capture PlatformAs public entities and integral parts of local communities, most hospitals, clinics, medical schools, and other health care providers have a vested interest in sharing some of their latest intelligence, news, and insights with the outside world. Whether webcasting the opening of a state-of-the-art facility, promoting new hospital treatments and programs, or publicizing the results of recent research, Panopto provides the most flexible and cost effective live broadcasting solution for healthcare providers. Using Panopto’s on-premises or cloud-hosted solution, you can live stream press conferences, presentations, and events securely to specific audiences, or across the Internet to thousands of simultaneous viewers around the world.

To Curate and Share Internal Expertise
Patient Assessment Sample - Panopto Lecture Capture PlatformAll organizations rely on employees to share institutional knowledge, although perhaps none more so than in healthcare. Whether it’s physicians showing in detail exactly how to work through an assessment or diagnosis, an administrator sharing the right way to enter data into the institution’s records systems, or virtually anything else, healthcare organizations need to ensure that they’ve tapped into the full expertise of their teams. Panopto helps to make social learning easy, with flexible tools that make recording easy in virtually any environment, and then automatically upload, store, index, and make those videos accessible for every other member of the team to find, whenever and wherever they’re needed.

To Maintain a Central, Secure Library of Video Assets
Search Inside Videos Thumbnail - Panopto Video CMSNo matter how any given organization uses video most often, in the end, nearly every creates a robust library of video files in the process. Panopto is the only video platform that integrates best-of-breed recording and webcasting with a secure video library. All of your Panopto recordings and live webcasts are automatically uploaded into the library and converted for optimal viewing on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Pre-recorded videos can also be uploaded and converted for playback on any device.

And as the video library grows, Panopto provides a unique video search engine that makes finding information inside your videos as easy as searching for content within email and documents. Simply enter a phrase like bloodborne pathogens into Panopto’s video search engine – you’ll find every relevant recording in your collection and be able to fast-forward to each point in your videos where the term is mentioned (click here to try the search yourself).

Try It Yourself!
Panopto is a video platform that enables you to incorporate multimedia presentations, live broadcasts, and other video content into your communication and training strategy, helping your organization provide the best quality care, competitive services and efficient operation.

To learn more about how you can use video in your healthcare organization, contact our team for a demo, or request a free trial of our software today!