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Panopto for Energy and Utilities

An industry-leading video content management platform

How can Panopto help
your company?

Centralize training content for quick, on-demand discovery

Don’t let finding training material on the job be a time-sink to your business. Maintain workforce productivity and save time searching for content with an on-demand video library fully indexed and searchable by any word, spoken or on-screen. Panopto’s AI-powered Smart Search empowers your workforce to find the right training wherever and whenever needed.

Keep your expert knowledge forever

Knowledge gaps threaten your business–like when employees leave, miss critical training, or your organization restructures. Panopto’s on-demand video management platform helps your company maintain expertise. Easy-to-use capture and recording tools empower employees to create, share, and publish your organization’s great asset: knowledge.

Build expertise across your workforce

Help employees climb their skill ceiling. Stay updated with company best practices, technical training, and more with interactive creator tools like video quizzes and polls that drive measurable learning outcomes. Follow their progress with analytics tracking completion, compliance, and engagement.

Protect sensitive information

With Panopto’s video cloud, securely host and share your most sensitive video content. Customize viewing permissions, protect against data loss and service interruptions, integrate with your Single Sign-on (SSO) identity systems, and more.

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