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From benefits enrollment to company culture, Panopto’s video onboarding tools can get your new hires up to speed faster.

Give new employees the information they need to succeed.

Efficient employee onboarding is an essential part of every organization’s learning and development activities. And video is the perfect tool to enhance your onboarding programs.

With Panopto, you can create a library of new hire training videos with tutorials and best practices for every role across the company. You can introduce your company culture through executive video presentations. And you can provide employees and their families with on-demand information about company benefits and enrollment procedures.

“Previously it could take someone three to four months to really get immersed in one of our products. Our process is more efficient now, and that’s where we see the greatest benefit. Using Panopto makes us more effective internally which, in turn, enables us to work more effectively with our customers.”

CEO, Financial Technology Company

Searchable, on-demand videos helps reduce the cost of onboarding.

Getting new employees ramped up costs up to 30 percent of their annual salary. Of course, there’s a good reason for that investment, as effective onboarding programs help prevent early turnover for as many as 1 in 4 new hires.

With Panopto, you can build an onboarding program that scales cost-effectively. Create employee onboarding videos once and eliminate the need for managers, subject matter experts, and trainers to spend additional time repeating basic information. New hires can watch those recordings right from their laptop or smartphone, reducing the need for expensive on-site training.

Help new employees retain what they learn during onboarding.

Most new employees spend their first days and weeks awash in details. Product demos, job responsibilities, benefits options, team introductions, executive welcomes, company policies, and more. It’s an overwhelming amount of information, and most new hires won’t remember much more than the basics.

You can help by making video a part of your regular onboarding processes. With video, your teams can record all those essential “first-week” presentations and allow new employees to review that information whenever (and as often) as needed. Your teams can even add interactive video quizzes to onboarding videos to confirm comprehension, reinforce key concepts, and improve knowledge retention. And with Panopto’s unique video search engine, your new hires will be able to instantly find and fast-forward to specific points and ideas covered within any video, making it a breeze to find even the smallest of details as they get up to speed.

15 Ways to Enhance Employee Onboarding with Video

Improve the consistency of your onboarding initiatives.

For businesses with offices around the world, or even just teams scattered across floors and buildings, it’s important to communicate company culture and policies consistently.

There’s no easier way to make onboarding consistent than with video. Panopto’s enterprise video platform enables your hiring managers and employee development teams to ensure that every new employee hears the same welcome messages, learns essential policies and processes the same way, and starts off on the right foot, every time.

“Panopto helps speed up the product knowledge acquisition process immensely. Recently one of our developers was asked by a new hire how to perform a specific task. Using Panopto he demonstrated the process step-by-step in a very short recording. Now we have that information ready for anyone else to view, follow along, and learn from at any time.”

Manager, Employee Development, Business Software Company

Personalize the onboarding experience.

As employees begin to ramp up, their onboarding needs quickly become more personalized. Job-specific processes take greater precedence, enabling new hires to get productive and contribute within their organizations.

With video, you can develop an onboarding program customized to the needs of individual teams and job roles. Personalized video playlists provide a learning path that new recruits can follow over their first few months, and microlearning videos make it easy for employees to consume information in bite-sized chunks.

Break the ice with employee intro videos.

Introductions are the first step in team building. Quick tours and brief welcome emails aren’t enough – in a perfect world, you’d fly every new hire out to every office to help them get acquainted with every other member of your team.

Fortunately, there’s a more efficient and economical way to introduce new team members working on any team, at any location. Using Panopto and a laptop or smartphone, each of your new hires can create a short introduction video about themselves during the onboarding process. By uploading employee intro videos to your internal video library you effectively build a searchable video directory of coworkers that can be accessed by the entire company.

Organizational socialization without boundaries.

Socialization teaches new employees the values, norms, and behavior patterns that will help them become successful contributors within the company. But with more people working remotely and teams working in distributed office locations, it’s harder than ever for new hires to truly learn the ropes.

Panopto offers organizations a flexible video-based solution that can take employees on an evolutionary journey to understanding the different people and groups that truly define corporate culture. With a searchable YouTube-like video portal full of training, knowledge, and communications, new hires can organically gain a broader perspective of your culture, no matter where they are located. Simply watching curated video playlists, browsing videos by tags, and subscribing to content from subject matter experts and executive leaders can help socialize new hires throughout their onboarding, and as they move through their careers.

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