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15 Ways to Enhance Employee Onboarding with Video

A white paper for learning and development teams, trainers, human resources professionals, and managers.

You’ve found your team’s next superstar — that new hire with the right mix of expertise and enthusiasm with a ton of potential to help your business do great things. But unlocking all that promise takes more than just handing them a laptop and assigning them a desk.

More compelling than a handbook and more cost-effective than on-location events and seminars, video is one of the best employee onboarding investments a company can make.

With the right video platform and onboarding program in place, employees learn more, feel more connected and remain loyal longer — all at a significant cost savings to the company.

Find out more in our latest free white paper, in which we detail how video can be used to improve onboarding for businesses and universities, including:

  • 15 kinds of onboarding videos to supplement your training program
  • 5 capabilities your onboarding video platform needs to be successful
  • How to develop a new employee onboarding program that works

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