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The Video Platform
For Active Learning

Panopto’s education video platform helps you incorporate more active learning into your courses.

Help students learn more by doing.
Use video for student assignments and assessments.

Every educator knows that experience is the best teacher. Whether it’s having students practice conversations in a foreign language course or role-playing patient interactions in a nursing program, students come to a new level of understanding when they’re challenged to demonstrate what they’re learning.

But there’s one thing that every educator needs to make active learning possible: time. Panopto’s video platform makes it possible to record and assess student presentations at scale, giving students the opportunity to practice critical presentation skills and get feedback without using up valuable classroom time.

“Some faculty members have begun to explore the use of video and desktop recording for student assignments. It’s a great tool for both our students and our faculty – one that fosters an interactive learning environment, and encourages self-discovery and continuous improvement.”

Nigel Robertson, Head of eLearning, Waikato University

Make your course videos interactive.

Panopto helps you engage students in your digital course materials. Panopto’s unique interactive quizzing feature makes it easy to add multiple choice, multiple select, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions directly into your videos to test comprehension or poll viewers. It’s also a great way to reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and to kick-start upcoming in-class activities.

Panopto’s video players allow for a more interactive viewing experience, too. Students can take notes that are saved as personal bookmarks, speed up and slow down video playback, and even search for any word spoken or shown in the video and instantly jump to a specific, relevant moment as they are studying.

Record lectures to free up time for active learning in class.

To create more time for active learning in the classroom, teachers are embracing the flipped classroom pedagogy, in which students watch recorded lecture videos prior to class.

With Panopto, it’s easier than ever to flip your lectures and free up class time for active learning. Panopto includes an app for recording your lecture along with slides and screen content in a side-by-side view designed to improve student engagement. Your students can stream recorded lectures on any device before coming to class, which means class time can be devoted to practicing and digging deeper into new concepts covered in the recording.

“Now instructors are recording their lectures ahead of time, putting the recording up on Blackboard, and then changing the dynamic of what would have been the lecture slot. So they are using class time as more of a seminar-based interactive session.”

Tim Davies, Desktop Systems Manager, Information Services, Aberystwyth University

Give students a new perspective with immersive video experiences.

Bring more of the outside world into your classrooms. Panopto makes it possible for educators to experiment with new and immersive video experiences that take students inside virtual simulations, demonstrations, and more.

Measure how students are engaging with learning.

With Panopto, faculty can easily view reports that show which students watched each video, how long students watched videos before dropping off, and more. It’s valuable information that allows instructors to monitor student progress and identify specific moments where students are most engaged in learning.

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