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Power-up Learning with Panopto AI

Streamline content workflows, empower content creators and administrators, and deliver even more accessible content to learners across your global campus or organization.

AI-powered features for smarter learning outcomes.

The Future of Learning with Panopto AI

Unlock personalization with

AI-powered transcripts.

Panopto’s AI roadmap simplifies content creation, drives unique engagement, and powers a future of video learning that’s more personal every time you press play.

Content Summarization

Optimize knowledge discovery across your library with high-level content summaries that help learners focus and find what they need or have missed.

Automatic Language Detection

Managing multilingual content for a global network of students or employees is tough. Automatic language detection makes it easier, simplifying workflows for captioning without manual inputs.

Smart Action Items

Stay ahead of learner to-dos with AI-powered transcripts that trigger action items for critical meetings, training, moments, or lectures.

Speed up context-rich learning and boost engagement with an easy-to-use search and discovery tool. Panopto’s AI-powered Smart Search finds knowledge instantly across your library, from lectures to topics, moments, meetings, and more.

Deliver accessible content for diverse needs

Break down language barriers across campus or your organization with AI-powered ASR captioning and translation for 20+ languages. Empower learners of all backgrounds, learning styles, and linguistic preferences to access the knowledge they need on their terms.

Simplify content workflows for creators and administrators

Power content creation with our video platform that leverages AI to streamline workflows. From smart chapter navigation for all videos to precision speaker tracking with a smart camera, create and deliver engaging content easily.

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