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Tracking and Analytics with Panopto

Turn insights into


Track audience engagement, completion rates, video library usage, and more with Panopto’s analytics platform. Drive actions and outcomes with real-time reporting, metrics, and insights.

Data tells a story.

And it makes a difference.

Panopto’s analytics platform guides content creation, learner interventions, organization-wide compliance, and more. Craft a video learning journey with engagement data that turns insights into outcomes.

Track Engagement

Track video content engagement across campus or your organization. Analyze reach, improve content creation, guide instructional design, and offer unique learner interventions.

Monitor Platform Usage

Give system administrators an inside look on platform-wide adoption and usage. Use content retention tools to customize data storage policies.

Ensure Compliance and Retention

Track and report on training completion to meet compliance standards and mitigate risk. Assess retention of content with embedded quizzing, track responses and flag potential compliance gaps.

Stay in tune with learning across your organization

Identify the content that is resonating with your students and teams and discover learning gaps that can negatively impact outcomes. Flag engagement risks in time to mitigate risks and refocus learners. With real-time data on learner progress and retention, you have the insights you need to measure success.

Make data-driven decisions that guide support

Assess training gaps and identify at risk learners with data. Understand the value of video instruction to diverse groups of learners and build a better strategy. Make smarter decisions that can impact learning outcomes.

Follow learner progress and journeys

Track completion rates by course and at the individual level to follow learners on their journey. Evolve your video learning strategy based on user preference data.

Empower content creators with actionable insights

Improve learning content with data on viewing preferences by device, length of content, and more. Measure the impact of presentation styles and video formats on learners by demographic.

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