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Publish videos on-demand and grow your knowledge library.

Smart, secure, and easy content sharing.

Manage and deliver learning content across teams, classrooms, and locations with an easy-to-use platform built for scalable knowledge-sharing.

Transform your content into on-demand knowledge

Access videos on-demand from a personalized library that captures and stores critical insights, can’t-miss lectures, and important meetings for a flexible future of learning and working.

Easy content management keeps the focus on learning

Ditch complicated technology setups, specialized supports, and custom protocols. Whether you’re an administrator, creator, or viewer, Panopto’s easy content management platform reduces complexity and delivers outcomes instead of hassle.

Optimize viewing by just pressing play

Optimize playback instantly for any device across your network. Panopto detects and delivers a playback experience just right for web browsers, smartphones, tablets, and more. Adaptive streaming ensures minimal buffering regardless of connection speed.

Secure your organization’s most sensitive knowledge

With Panopto’s video cloud, securely host and share your most sensitive video content. Customize viewing permissions, protect against data loss and service interruptions, integrate with your Single Sign-on (SSO) identity systems, and more.

Tag videos and follow your favorite creators

Discovering knowledge and ideas is easy with Panopto’s video tagging. Manage available tags and apply them to videos to increase visibility across departments and locations. Subscribe to users and tags to follow and find essential and relevant content.

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