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creator and capture tools.

Build a flexible future of learning and working with easy-to-use capture tools that transform moments into shareable knowledge.

Easy, non-destructive web-based editing.

Most video editing tools take a lifetime to learn. Panopto keeps things simple, making it easy to clean up or enhance a recording before it’s shared. Best of all, editing in Panopto is non-destructive, so no matter your edits, you’ll always have an original recording to revert to.

Trimming and Clipping

Trim unwanted parts of your video, or split existing videos into smaller clips.

Video Switching

Switch between different video inputs in multi-camera recordings.

Splicing and Remixing

Combine existing recordings, or upload and splice in new videos.

Record anything, anytime.

Panopto’s flexible video recording enables easy online and offline recording and capture of live or virtual meetings, lectures, and more anywhere from preferred devices like computers, smartphones, webcams, and AV interfaces.

Get more engagement with interactive content

Embed quizzes, surveys, polls, and webpages anywhere in your videos to boost engagement. Viewers can respond directly in the Panopto video player, and their interactions are tracked and shared in analytics.

Multi-stream presentations make dynamic recordings

Create dynamic recordings from multiple streams or alongside visual presentations. An auto-tracking Smart Camera keeps things in focus during your presentation’s most dynamic moments.

Get the message out with one-click live-streaming

Broadcast your most important lectures, meetings, or training across campus or your organization with easy live-streaming and no complicated set-up. Tune in from any device and re-watch securely, on demand.

Turn your organization into content creators

Scale a flexible future of working and learning with easy capture and creator tools everyone can use. Power simple and effective content creation to grow knowledge on-demand.

Scaling knowledge capture for global organizations in 2024.

14 million+

Streams on the platform

90 million+

Viewing hours logged

2 million+

Content creators around the globe

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