Live Streaming Software For Businesses and Universities

So easy even your C-suite can use it.

Live stream events, communications, lectures, and more in stunning high-definition, with minimal buffering and no complicated setup. With Panopto, live streaming is as easy as selecting your video and audio sources, clicking “Webcast,” and pressing record.

Panopto’s professional live streaming software offers a simple solution for what used to be a complex and costly endeavor. Built on modern streaming architecture, Panopto reliably delivers the highest quality video possible to viewers watching on any device, so you don’t need to set up live streaming servers, configure expensive encoders, or worry about bogging down your network.

Panopto also records as it’s broadcasting, giving you a flawless recording that can be viewed on-demand as soon as the live stream ends.

Secure webcasting software - Panopto

Secure webcasting keeps important video streams private.

Facebook Live, Periscope by Twitter, YouTube Live Streaming — if you’re streaming video to public social media feeds, you’ve got options. If you’re broadcasting something more important, however, you need a more secure, customizable solution.

With Panopto, you’re in control of who gets to view your live webcasts. Restrict access just to people in your organization, or even just specific teams, classes, or individuals. And with Panopto, “private” really means “private.” Viewers are required to log in before they can view a secure webcast, even if they happen to find the direct link to the session.

We take security seriously. Panopto integrates with single sign-on ID management solutions including oAuth, SAML, and Active Directory, as well as a number of LMS authentication systems for both desktop and mobile users.

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Stream a webcast live to thousands of people simultaneously with Panopto's video software

Present anything live online.

To one person or one million.

Forget the attendance caps on GoToWebinar and WebEx, and share your live streaming videos with a virtually unlimited audience. Whether it’s ten people or ten thousand, with Panopto your viewers will be able to securely watch your live stream in any web browser and without having to download any special software.

Panopto makes it easy to create and share professional-quality live streaming videos without the need for A/V production crews or IT specialists, so you can webcast an international conference, a monthly meeting, or your regular classroom without external support.

Share video from multiple cameras, multiple computer screens, and include supporting slides from PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides — even stream from different computers and different locations. Panopto automatically syncs all your content, enabling you to share everything your audience needs to see without worrying about post-production.

Learn how distributed recording works in Panopto
Live DVR - Panopto Live Streaming Platform

Never miss a second with live DVR controls.

Catch that last point again. TiVo-like controls allow viewers to pause, rewind and replay your live feed, then catch back up instantly. Viewers joining the live stream late can even start from the beginning and stream the entire broadcast.

Interactive Live Streaming Software - Panopto

Make live streams interactive.

Put an end to passive viewing. With threaded discussions, audience members can share digital notes and comments while watching a webcast and submit questions to the presenter for live Q&A. Panopto captures the entire experience so even viewers watching later on-demand can see the comments made during the event as they happened.

Mobile live streaming

Live stream to mobile devices.

View a live webcast on the go from anywhere. Panopto’s native apps for both Android and iOS enable users to stream live video on their mobile devices. Panopto’s HTML5 video player optimizes the viewer’s experience with fast startup and minimal buffering, regardless of their device or connection speed.

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Live stream monitoring and analytics software

Live streaming analytics and monitoring.

Measure the reach of your live events and the level of viewer engagement both during and after webcasts, all the way down to the user level. Panopto’s live video analytics gives you minute-by-minute stats about who’s watching, where people are dropping off, and more.

And for larger, more visible live streams such as a global all-hands meeting or university commencement, your team can monitor the quality of the broadcast in real time. Panopto integrates with Hive Insights, a powerful live stream monitoring tool that sniffs out users or locations that are experiencing things like severe buffering, so you can identify problems and make adjustments on the fly.

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Live Streaming Software - Waiting Room

Customize your waiting room.

Create links for your live streams as far in advance as you need. Attendees can join your live streams simply by clicking the link and signing in. If anyone happens to click the link prior to the event or they arrive early, Panopto will bring them to your virtual waiting room, so they’ll know they’re in the right place.

Live streaming is just the beginning.

Many point solutions for live video are useful for live streaming — and only live streaming. Panopto’s end-to-end video platform not only supports professional live streaming but also recording, editing, hosting, and more, all in a single solution.

Video software for webcasting

Massive-scale live streaming from RTMP encoders.

Going big with your next broadcast? Panopto provides you with a live streaming engine that leverages existing encoding investments and scales elastically to enable your webcast to reach global audiences, securely over your WAN or over the public internet. Connect your RTMP encoders to Panopto’s cloud-based video platform and webcast live events to tens of thousands simultaneous viewers.

Panopto ingests your RTMP feed and converts it to HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), the industry standard for delivering video at scale with minimum video startup time and buffering.

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