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Distributed Recording

Cut the cables and forget hardwiring all of your recording equipment together. Distributed recording with Panopto will change the way you capture events.

How distributed recording works.

Capturing multiple camera angles at a single event or presentation used to require a truckload of equipment. Literally. Different cameras would need to be physically cabled to a single control station, and a myriad of complex switchers, transcoders, and other technology was needed to synchronize all those disparate feeds.

Distributed recording with Panopto does away with all that. With distributed recording (also called multi-machine recording), you connect each of your cameras and audio sources to a web-connected computer and/or mobile device that has Panopto installed. Instead of tying everything together with cables, each computer or mobile device can be positioned independently. From there, simply set each computer to record to the same Panopto session. Panopto automatically takes care of the rest, synchronizing every feed into a single, seamless professional production.

Cut the cables and the setup time.

Record quarterly events, monthly town hall meetings, or your annual company user conference with less setup time and at a fraction of the cost required to hire an outside video production company.

Distributed recording means you no longer need to connect every device and every computer together with hundreds of feet of cable in large rooms or auditoriums with complex AV setups. Record the presenter’s slides and audio from the front of the house, capture video of the presenter on stage from the back of the house, and let Panopto sync your feeds for you in the cloud.

“It’s amazing how simple it was — with Panopto, everything just worked. Instantly, we had a repeatable and reliable process we could use for [live streaming] all our team meetings going forward.”

Director of Information Technology, Global Sporting Goods Manufacturer

Record from different locations and networks.

Capture and mix video from global executives for your next on-hands meeting or present a remote guest speaker without complicated setups or configurations. Panopto’s distributed recording capability enables you to capture and sync video from presenters in multiple locations. Simply use Panopto to record in both locations and save the feeds to the same session.

Do it live.

Live stream multiple camera angles with distributed webcasting.

Whether you’re streaming live or recording for on-demand viewing later, you can use Panopto’s distributed recording capability to sync multiple AV feeds from anywhere into one single broadcast. Live streaming is as simple as recording multiple feeds to the same session and checking the live stream option in Panopto. All live streams are automatically recorded and then uploaded to your video library where any word spoken or shown in them can be searched and played back on any device, at any time.

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