Panopto LMS Integrations

Learning Management Systems

It may be the central hub for your learning programs, but even today’s most advanced learning management systems weren’t built for video. Panopto solves those challenges, and makes it possible to record, view, search, and manage your videos without ever leaving your LMS.

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Panopto Cornerstone video integration


Panopto Saba video integration


Panopto SuccessFactors video integration


Panopto Bridge video integration


Panopto Blackboard video integration


Panopto Moodle video integration


Panopto Canvas video integration


Brightspace D2L Panopto video integration


Panopto Sakai video integration


Don’t see your LMS? If your LMS is LTI-compatible you can integrate Panopto.

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Panopto Video Conferencing Integrations

Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing solutions are great for real-time communications. But while most make it easy to record those conversations, none will help you manage and share those recordings. Panopto makes it easy — just press “record” in your video conferencing software, and Panopto will automatically capture, convert, and upload your video conferences to a secure, searchable video library. 

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Panopto Zoom video integration


Panopto BlueJeans video integration


Panopto GoToMeeting video integration


Panopto Skype For Business video integration


Interactive live video analytics software

Monitor Live Streams With Hive Insights

For organizations producing and managing live events, Hive Insights can help a variety of stakeholders dig deeper into live video data to troubleshoot on the fly and to understand the overall performance of an event as it’s happening. Monitor the quality of experience, quality of service, video startup time, total viewers, and more.

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Panopto SharePoint Video Integration


Unleash the power of video for sales, marketing, and customer success within the one tool your teams use most — Salesforce. With Panopto’s Salesforce app, organizations can easily share video content to accounts, opportunities, and cases, embed video into emails sent through Salesforce, share videos of any size in Chatter, and even search the content inside videos right from Salesforce.

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Video Monetization With InPlayer

Monetizing your premium video assets shouldn’t be hard. Panopto and InPlayer have teamed up to engineer an elegant integration that makes it easy to host your videos behind a secure paywall, add pay-per-view or subscription payment options, and accept payment worldwide.

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Video capture hardware integrations

Video Capture Hardware

Already have infrastructure and hardware for recording video installed in your classrooms and conference rooms? Great. Panopto can integrate with your video capture hardware, making it easy to manage recording remotely, enable live streaming, simplify the publishing process for your recordings, and more.

Click the icons below to learn about our video capture hardware integrations, as well as our Panopto-Certified capture appliances that work out-of-the-box.

Panopto Certified video capture hardware


Panopto Crestron Video Integration


Panopto Extron Video Integration


Panopto Epiphan Video Integration


Panopto WolfVisionVideo Integration


Panopto Cattura Video Integration


Custom Video Platform Integrations

Connect Panopto To Your IT Ecosystem

Customize and extend Panopto’s industry-leading video platform to align with your internal processes and to work with your existing IT infrastructure.