One-Touch Recording from Crestron’s Control System

Crestron & Panopto Integration

Crestron and Panopto provide organizations with a one-touch solution for capturing and publishing on-demand lectures and presentations.

The easiest way to record and publish videos from a Crestron touch panel

Multi-camera lectures, presentations and events can now be captured with a single touch using Crestron’s best-of-breed control system. Every recording is automatically uploaded to Panopto’s video content management system, where it’s encoded for playback on any device and indexed for inside-video search.

Panopto's Crestron video integration provides a remote control for your meeting room and classroom recordings

A remote control for your meeting room and classroom recordings

Successful meeting and classroom solutions make it easier to focus on the discussion, rather than the technology. With Panopto and Crestron, recording infrastructure stays in the background, enabling participants to focus on their core tasks without worrying about the underlying AV technology.

Panopto's Crestron integration works out of the box and offers developer API's for customization

A turnkey solution with the option to customize

The Crestron integration is easy to configure and works out of the box with your existing Panopto infrastructure. And for organizations with custom requirements, the capabilities of the solution can be extended using Crestron and Panopto’s developer APIs.

“Crestron and Panopto are making lecture capture easy for our faculty, staff, and students. Using Crestron touch screens, instructors can start and stop Panopto recordings, check audio levels, and control in-room cameras. And with an additional module written by UW programmers, we customized the integration to also make use of Panopto’s on-air light. Minutes after a class wraps up, students already have access to the recording.”

Tom Lewis, Director of Academic Experience Design & Delivery, University of Washington