Panopto Access AI

Unlock personalized learning with AI-powered transcripts.

Enhance content discovery and referenced-based learning with high-level video summaries. Simplify administrator workflows with automatic language captioning.

Personalize, Enhance, Organize

Get personal with smarter ways to watch.

Get automatic captioning and translation

Scale accessible learning when you simplify your content workflows across a global multilingual campus or organization with automatic language captioning and translation. Ensure all users stay connected with new ways to personalize their experience.

Unlock smarter ways to discover

Enhance content discovery and knowledge retention with high-level video summaries of content across your library. Boost learner engagement when you help them navigate their content intentionally.

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Keep it detailed with enhanced smart chapters

Improve smart chapter accuracy across your video library for easier navigation. Speed-up your learner’s ability to deduce relevancy by aligning content to their expectations.

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