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An industry-leading content management platform designed for video learning

How can Panopto help
video learning at your institution?

Educational Video

Design a future of flexible education

The future of learning at your institution is flexible. Design modern enrollment strategies and expand global reach with an industry-leading video learning platform that makes learning on-demand, anywhere, and anytime.

Drive student engagement with analytics

Get the data that focuses on keeping students engaged and driving instructional outcomes. Guide student interventions and get insights for instructional design with modern analytics that track learning: from who’s watching what to where engagement falls off, completion rates, and more.

Instructional Video
Video Learning Integration

Integrate with your preferred LMS

Simplify instructional and student workflows with modern LTI 1.3 Learning Management Systems (LMS) integrations certified by 1EdTech. Deliver a seamless learning experience across campus for accessing, viewing, and uploading video content directly in your preferred LMS.

Increase accessibility for diverse learning

Your increasingly diverse student body needs help to achieve an equitable learning experience. Deliver accessible video content across your global campus with video captioning and translation for 20+ languages, enhanced platform controls for diverse needs, and more

Video learning accessibility

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