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Key Insights from Our “Who’s Really Doing Their Homework?” Webinar

In the dynamic world of online education, understanding and enhancing student engagement is more crucial than ever. A study at a large public research institution found that 72% of undergraduate students reported low engagement during online lectures, negatively impacting their learning experience.

Our recent webinar, “Who’s Really Doing Their Homework?” explores this engagement dilemma in a modern educational age. As students increasingly learn online and remotely, how can institutions keep them on track to completion? Beyond discussion, our webinar demonstrates how Panopto can help. Panopto’s content analytics offer instructors valuable insights and tools to boost engagement and academic support in asynchronous learning settings.

But boosting student engagement isn’t just about using the right technology tools. Institutions must listen to students, too. According to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), online course preferences reflect the need for clear guidance, structures, and support. These preferences highlight the urgent need for effective engagement strategies and course design–primarily online–where educators seek innovative ways to keep students on track.

Don’t miss the webinar on-demand. Here are some takeaways:

1. Asynchronous Video Learning is On the Rise

In a post-pandemic era, asynchronous video learning is on the rise. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 28% of all enrolled undergraduates took distance education courses exclusively online, with 61% taking at least one online course.

This concern is echoed by the NSSE 2023 findings. The rise of asynchronous video learning underscores the need for educators to adapt and innovate in their teaching methodologies to keep pace with evolving learning modalities.

2. Humanize Digital Interactions

A central theme of the webinar was the importance of humanizing the online learning experience. The discussion highlighted how video content and analytics can create more personalized and engaging learning, enabling educators to tailor their approach to meet the diverse needs of students. Humanizing education also aligns with the NSSE 2023 findings, emphasizing the importance of student-instructor interactions as a critical indicator of engagement in the classroom.

3. Data-Driven Instructional Strategies

Data-driven instructional practices can enhance student engagement.  Tools like Panopto’s student analytics dashboard offer valuable insights into how students interact with online course materials. This data helps optimize content, support at-risk students, and evaluate the efficacy of online programs across your institution.

4. Framework for Implementing Data-Driven Education:

The webinar presented a framework for data-driven instruction, from collecting student data to implementing targeted interventions. This framework offers instructors a methodology to use data to help students in need, improve their engagement, and foster a sense of belonging with their learning institution, ultimately improving retention.

These are just the highlights. Watch the webinar on-demand for a deeper dive into how to use video analytics to improve student engagement, especially in online or asynchronous courses.


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