Panopto for Manufacturing

An industry-leading video content management platform

How can Panopto help
your company?

Share training and technical knowledge on-demand for frontline flexibility

Panopto’s on-demand video platform empowers your frontline workforce to find what they need while maintaining productivity. Easily search and discover relevant training across a fully indexed video library, optimize playback with any device or table, and revisit concepts as many times as needed to learn.

Maintain your expert corporate knowledge assets

Knowledge gaps threaten your business–like when employees leave, miss critical training, or your organization restructures. Panopto’s on-demand video management helps your company maintain expertise with easy-to-use capture and recording tools for your employees to create, share, and publish your organization’s great asset: knowledge.

Break down language barriers for high-fidelity learning

Break down language barriers for training and learning across your diverse workforce with a multilingual video platform featuring ASR captioning and translation for 20+ global languages. Empower employees of all backgrounds, learning styles, and linguistic preferences to access training that doesn’t get lost in translation.

Make onboarding and upskilling easier and more effective

Upskill, re-train, and get new employees up to speed whenever colleagues leave–or equipment demands change. Create an on-demand library of training videos with tutorials and best practices, and make learning interactive with quizzing and learning checks. Use analytics to track engagement, compliance, and more.

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