Panopto Knowledge Insights

Analytics to Unlock Actionable Insights and Optimize Learning Outcomes

Explore specialized dashboards to discover month-over-month and year-over-year trends instantly. Gain new insights into content usage, learner engagement and more. Measure effectiveness to enhance the learning experience.

Visualize, Refine, Engage

The data you want, when you need it.

Track Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics and visualizations to identify trends easily using dashboards for Usage, Retention, Remote Recorders, and Creator Insights. Obtain the insights most meaningful to your organization and empower decision-makers with instant insights to drive change and improvement.

Optimize content creation and content management

Modern learning requires great content — and lots of it. It’s the fuel for flexible learning and workforce development. Get a deeper view of content effectiveness and tap into unmet needs. Let your data chart the path to improving learner engagement.

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Unlock the formula for learner engagement with engaging visuals

Track and explore raw data with intuitive, easy-to-read visualizations that help you spot trends quickly and make data-driven decisions. Compare usage metrics and learner interactions with different instructional formats to determine what learners find most engaging.

Stay proactive with alerts

Set-up alerts at custom thresholds to stay notified and apprised of storage limits and usage milestones. Monitor lecture capture and remote recorders and provide better support for instructors with error alerts.

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