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Webinar: Panopto Knowledge Insights

Leveraging Analytics for Better Learning Outcomes

Are you ready to take action and drive better outcomes from video learning? Both educational institutions and modern workforces need detailed data to stay informed about learning, development, and knowledge management. ​

​Knowledge Insights is a new solution that provides flexibility to analyze Panopto and video learning data with agility, customization, and detail.​

Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) about usage, retention, system status, and creators gathered on dashboards. Spot trends and reveal insights with data visualizations. Slice and dice data for the view you want, when you need it, and use alerts and notifications for proactive monitoring and rapid response.

During this webinar, learn how Knowledge Insights can help you:

  • Optimize content creation and management with dashboards and data visualizations that reveal top contributors and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Turn raw data into action by slicing and dicing it to uncover critical insights, then easily export refined results to share across your organization.
  • Stay on top of system health and performance by setting threshold alerts for system error states, storage capacity, and usage milestones.
  • Drive stronger engagement by analyzing learner interactions with different video content to reveal what works and what does not.


Jamie Turak, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Panopto

MacKenzie Busby, Solutions Engineer, Panopto

Jim McNeil, Product Manager, Panopto

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