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Why build your career at Panopto?

Remote flexibility

We’re a remote-first company. In an age of digital transformation, we’re building a future where people–including our employees–can learn and work wherever they are and on their terms.

Driven by purpose

At Panopto, we’re united and driving together toward our collective purpose. Join us in a journey where your work transcends beyond mere tasks, contributing to something greater and more meaningful.”

Rocket-fueled career growth

We propel you forward at twice the speed with growth opportunities, stretch learning experiences, and a unique career journey. Join us in a realm that not only encourages personal accountability but also sets the stage for unparalleled success!

Innovation and diversity

Panopto’s commitment to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture empowers each member of our team to express their authentic selves, contribute their distinct perspectives and make a meaningful impact both individually and collectively.

The Panopto Impact Story

Panopto is dedicated to innovating learning and increasing access to knowledge with video. And so are our employees.


distributed employees around the globe, driving innovation and collaboration across continents


year founded with over 17 years of experience leading the learning technology industry


institutions and organizations learn smarter with our video learning platform


customer satisfaction rate, keeping users happy, engaged, and ahead

Guiding Principles

Our values drive outcomes.

Embrace challenges with grit

We tackle obstacles head-on, resilient in the face of adversity.

Lead with integrity

Honesty and ethics guide every decision and action we take.

Thrive through adaptability

Flexibility is our strength; we navigate change with ease.

Pursue excellence with passion

We’re driven to achieve greatness, fueled by enthusiasm.

Take ownership

We’re accountable and proactive, taking charge to achieve our goals.

Drive results

Outcomes matter most; we focus on delivering measurable success.

Employee Benefits

Empower your growth, at work and home.

Time Off Benefits

Generous and flexible leave policies. Unlimited Take What You Need PTO, including sick days for when you need it most. Holidays to celebrate with loved ones. Extended bereavement program to support you during difficult times. Tenured Leave opportunities for long-term employees to recharge and reflect. Extended Maternity and Paternity Leave to cherish family moments. Volunteer time off to give back to your community.

Core Benefits

At Panopto, we prioritize both professional growth and a fulfilling,balanced life for our employees. Our core benefits include comprehensive health, dental, vision, life and ancillary insurance plans. We provide access to a benefits preview to understand how Panopto benefits would support you and short-term and long-term disability insurance for peace of mind.

Retirement and Savings Benefits

401k plan with company match to secure your financial future. Healthcare spending and reimbursement accounts for your well-being.

Healthful Living Benefits

At Panopto we understand well being is about more than physical health. We’re proud to offer workplace perks such as daily mental health break walks, a wellness rewards program to support your well-being, an employee assistance program for confidential support and a mindfulness program for stress reduction.

Remote Work Benefits

Enjoy all the benefits of a remote-first workplace that supports full work from home for ultimate flexibility. Childcare schedule flexibility to balance work and family life. Asynchronous work to accommodate your unique schedule.

Rewards, Recognition, and Employee Perks

Our great team is Panopto’s most valuable asset. We’re proud to offer an employee recognition program to celebrate your achievements, a Values Awards program to embody our company culture and referral bonuses for bringing great talent to Panopto.

Career Development Benefits

Panopto’s career tracks and competency and skills training will help you advance your career. We offer access to the LinkedIn Learning Program to expand your knowledge, AWS services and architecture training to stay ahead, and secure coding training to enhance your skills.

Launch your career with Panopto.