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How 3 Manufacturing Companies Use Video to Train Teams and Share Institutional Knowledge

Manufacturing is constantly evolving. How do successful manufacturing companies keep employees up-to-date with company news, product releases, and professional expertise? As the industry becomes increasingly competitive and globalized, it is essential that employees have access to the knowledge they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Sharing institutional knowledge is critical to the success of any manufacturing company. With limited resources, an aging workforce, and lack of awareness of available technology, how are they ensuring that crucial intelligence is being shared? 

Hear from three companies paving the way in hybrid training and corporate communications to learn how they’re using video to overcome these challenges at their organizations and create stronger knowledge sharing initiatives.

1. Use video to securely preserve 60 years of expert knowledge

A global leader in nuclear optimization and innovation, Framatome faced an issue as the company’s experienced employees began retiring. How could Framatome share knowledge with newer staff members without these experts present? Information existed in various formats, including text, images, and videos, but lacked a centralized library, making it challenging to access and use.

Framatome recognized video as the most efficient format for sharing information. It decided to centralize its video asset management through Panopto. Panopto’s search functionality enabled employees to quickly and accurately retrieve specific information, and navigate directly to relevant sections within videos.

The result? Over 1,000 videos created in the first six months and 60 years’ worth of expert knowledge preserved.

“Panopto quickly became one of the most appreciated tools for users. We felt we had a real partner in Panopto,” says Jean-Paul Taravella, Project Manager for the Knowledge Program at Framatome.

By creating a secure, region-specific library, Framatome met legal requirements for international data sharing. The use of a cloud-based solution allowed employees to access the library from anywhere, on any device, making knowledge sharing and collaboration easier.

Through the preservation of foundational knowledge and the ability to self-serve, share, and iterate upon it, subsequent generations of employees can continue to hone their expertise, advancing the nuclear industry’s practices.

2. Adopt a flipped onboarding and training model for new employees

A leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation, ROCKWOOL also faced the challenge of preserving the technical knowledge of its retiring employees. Instead of relying on writing, the company encouraged its experts to share their knowledge via video. These videos were then uploaded to a searchable internal video library.

With this innovative flipped training approach, ROCKWOOL was able to ensure that its institutional knowledge was no longer limited to the minds of a few employees. Anyone could now access the information.

“When we discovered Panopto, we thought ‘wow’! This is exactly what we need. We were thrilled,” says Mogens Heine Larsen, Department Manager in the Process Department of Group Technology, ROCKWOOL Group Operations & Technology Unit.

The most exciting aspect of this flipped onboarding and training model? The way it has transformed the learning experience for ROCKWOOL employees. With asynchronous video and access to training on how to maintain complex machinery with multiple video inputs, workers now have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and prepare for courses in advance.

“Employees should still have the opportunity to meet each other, see the factories, and to network,” says Birgitte Wilki, Administrative Coordinator in Group Technology at ROCKWOOL. “But with Panopto, they have the option to prepare for a course in advance and thereby learn faster. Moreover, the ones who were not able to participate physically still have the opportunity to benefit from the courses.”

3. Use live streaming as an easy solution for corporate communications

It’s no secret that seamless communication is crucial in maintaining a successful business. One global sporting goods manufacturing company headquartered in Asia is no exception to this rule.

With a widespread team, correspondence and collaboration across borders became a challenge. But the company found a solution to connect the entire team and take its communication to the next level.

As with any business, the first all-hands meeting of the year was a highly anticipated event. In the past, the company had struggled with video technology that was unreliable and frustrating for all involved. But this year, the Director of IT wanted to make a change.

He faced a daunting task: there were only three weeks to find a professional-quality live broadcast. After comparing several options, Panopto’s flexibility and responsive customer support was the perfect solution.

On the day of the meeting, setting up the live stream was easy. The Director of IT was able to schedule ahead of time or choose to stream multiple video feeds simultaneously. With over 100 team members in the room and hundreds more viewing online, the team seamlessly streamed the meeting, capturing all the audio and visual elements for audiences onsite and online.

The CEO’s verdict? “It could not have been more perfect.”



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