Scale Learning with Advanced Lecture Capture Software

Is your institution future-proofing enrollment and reach with expanded video learning options for all students? Scale learning on and off campus with industry-leading lecture capture software built for global student bodies and diverse enrollment types.

Our video learning management platform powers the future of learning at global colleges and universities, offering:

  • easy-to-use video management for students, instructors, and administrators
  • seamless LTI1.3 integrations with preferred Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • securely-hosted content with customizable permissions
  • analytics to drive engagement and learning retention

If your institution wants to design a scalable future of on-demand learning that is inclusive of all learners, request a demo today.

Please note that our services are tailored specifically for organizational use. Students should refer to their institution’s guidance for accessing Panopto resources.

Scale with Lecture Capture

Scale learning delivery and accessibility with easy-to-use lecture capture software. Seamlessly record, manage, and share lectures on demand.

Enhance Learning Experiences

Elevate instructional experiences with interactive video content. Empower faculty to deliver impactful lectures with advanced quizzing and retention tools.

Searchable Video Portal

Boost campus-wide adoption and student engagement with a searchable, indexed library for all video content.

Engagement Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable insights into student engagement and learning behaviors. Make data-informed decisions that optimize instructional design and action.

Seamless LMS Integrations

Seamlessly integrate our solution with existing learning management systems (LMS) for a cohesive educational ecosystem. Streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

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