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Case Study: How Keele University Achieved a 3x Increase in Remote Learning Engagement

Keele University, a leading public institution in the United Kingdom, grappled with a series of challenges tied to its lecture capture system and remote learning. When the global shift towards remote learning became more pronounced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, solving those challenges quickly became a top priority.

Enter Panopto: a platform that not only facilitated a seamless transition to enhanced remote learning but also enriched the educational experience at Keele University with its advanced features and increased engagement over 3x.

The Challenge: The Remote Learning Imperative

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for effective remote learning solutions. While Keele University had an existing system, Opencast, it was primarily designed for video management and fell short of facilitating an engaging remote learning experience.

Faculty found integrating interactive elements into their lectures cumbersome, and students felt the need for more engagement features like live quizzes and real-time discussions. The university recognized that they needed a more comprehensive solution to meet the evolving demands of remote education.

The Solution: A Multi-Faceted Approach with Panopto

In 2021, Keele University took a decisive step by transitioning to Panopto. What set Panopto apart was its extensibility and a wide array of features tailored for remote learning.  The platform allowed faculty to easily incorporate interactive quizzes, live discussions, and real-time feedback into their lectures.

To ensure a smooth transition, the university set up a dedicated SharePoint page complete with tutorials, FAQs, and best practices for using Panopto. Custom error messages were also implemented to alert faculty about potential technical issues, such as a disconnected microphone or recording indication light, thereby ensuring uninterrupted teaching.

The transition to Panopto was so seamless that, according to Nick Vaughan, the Technical Lead – Digital Solutions at Keele University, “When we came back from COVID, some people didn’t even realize we had a completely different solution in place.”

The Impact: Elevating the Remote Learning Experience

The adoption of Panopto has had a transformative impact on Keele University’s approach to remote learning. In just one academic year, the platform supported the creation of nearly 25,000 hours of rich educational content. Monthly views and downloads surged from 12,000 to 54,000, indicating a significant increase in student engagement.

“Since we’ve switched to Panopto and people realize what it can do, the usage has gone up significantly,” said Vaughan. But the numbers only tell part of the story. The university is optimistic that these numbers will continue to grow as more people become familiar with Panopto’s capabilities.

The platform’s advanced features, such as live streaming, interactive quizzes, and real-time feedback, have made remote learning more engaging and provided faculty with valuable insights into student performance and engagement levels.

The Future of Remote Learning: Panopto Leading the Way

As educational institutions continue to navigate the complexities of remote learning, the need for robust, flexible, and interactive platforms becomes increasingly evident. Panopto, with its advanced features and analytics capabilities, not only meets the current demands but is also well-positioned to shape the future of remote education.

Keele University’s experience serves as a testament to Panopto’s potential to redefine educational norms, making it a strategic asset for any institution looking to excel in the evolving landscape of remote learning.