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Webex & Panopto

If the meeting’s worth holding, it’s worth holding onto.

Webex Meetings and Panopto are the perfect pairing.

Meetings are where ideas are exchanged, where collaboration happens, and where decisions are made. Recording and sharing internal meetings maximizes the value your organization gets from every minute employees spend in meetings.

With a complete record of every Webex meeting, employees can watch meetings they couldn’t attend, participate more actively in a meeting without needing to take notes, easily get up to speed as they join ongoing projects, and even audit archived meeting recordings for security and compliance purposes. 

In addition to recording and sharing Webex Meetings, Panopto also helps you reach a larger real-time audience with its RTMP live streaming capabilities. Now you can instantly reach massive live audiences as well as record for asynchronous playback.

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Panopto picks up where Webex Meetings leaves off.

Webex Meetings is designed to enable real-time video conversations that can be recorded as needed. After the video conference ends, though, your people have to put in extra effort to find, share, and even watch any Webex Meetings that they recorded. Panopto adds essential administrative and end-user capabilities, so your Webex Meetings recording library can become a vast, searchable video knowledge base.

AdministrativeWebex MeetingsWebex Meetings & Panopto
Secure, automatic sharing with internal and external usersNY
Scalable controls to securely manage millions of meeting recordingsNY
RTMP live streaming of any Webex Meeting to hundreds of thousands internal and/or external attendeesNY
Unlimited storageNY
Sophisticated content management and retention policiesNY
Deep analyticsNY
Partner network of hardware and software add-ons to streamline video workflowsNY
API accessYY
Consolidate meeting recordings with other corporate video based assetsNY
Audit logs record viewing at the user levelNY
End UserWebex MeetingsWebex Meetings & Panopto
Automatically create a visual index for every meetingNY
Automatically create a hyperlinked table of contents for every meetingNY
Search for any spoken word, as well as words written on screenNY
Search for any spoken word across every meeting you’ve attendedNY
Robust editing available in browser without software installNY
Downstream workflows such as human captioning or LMS embeddingNY
Meeting AI that does more than take notes. Learn more about Smart Chapters and Smart Search from Panopto.

Meeting AI that does more than take notes.

Meetings are dynamic, collaborative events that often include multiple people talking while sharing screens, slides, and documents all from various locations. Meeting assistants designed to take notes and provide summaries quite simply miss an abundance of information that could prove to be valuable later.

Panopto’s innovative meeting AI features ensure every detail is fully preserved while presenting information in a format that makes insights easy to discover.

  • Smart ChaptersView a snapshot of key moments from a meeting. Smart Chapters auto generates a table of contents for recorded meetings so viewers can navigate quickly to specific moments.
  • Visual IndexDiscover information through visual thumbnails captured throughout the course of the meeting. Simply click a thumbnail to skip around to different parts of a recorded meeting.
  • Smart SearchFind and instantly view relevant conversations with a simple search. Panopto transcribes words spoken and shown on-screen, so even the smallest detail can be found.
Search inside Cisco Webex Meetings with Panopto

Most search systems only index the title and description of recorded meetings. This requires employees to sift through hours of video to find the two minutes they actually need. It’s not only a waste of time but it also frustrates employees who may simply give up and move on without the information they know exists.

Panopto’s AI-powered video search capabilities allow employees to search for any word or phrase spoken during a meeting they attended, so they can instantly find precise meeting moments, like when a product manager demonstrates a key feature, or an engineer describes the solution to a complex problem.

Panopto also indexes every word on screen, making slides, whiteboards, and other content presented in the meeting searchable.

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Integrate Panopto with Cisco Webex Meetings and edit your meeting recordings

Intuitive video editing tools in Panopto turn Webex Meetings into a video production powerhouse.

Panopto provides sophisticated post-production workflows that anyone can use to make recorded meetings look polished and professional. Employees can even record a presentation with Webex Meetings and then use Panopto to enhance it by adding YouTube videos, as well as other attachments and resources inside the video. In training scenarios, quizzes can be added at any point in the video, and individual user results can be sent directly to your LMS.

With Panopto’s online video editor, there’s no software to download or install — editing a Webex Meetings recording is done right in your browser. Simply drag and drop to cut out parts of the meeting and then publish the new video. Editing in Panopto is non-destructive, so you can always revert back to the original meeting recording or re-edit it as needed.

Closed captioning workflows within Panopto allow for the seamless addition of machine- or human-generated captions. Automatic machine-generated captions can be instantly inserted and edited on the fly within any individual recording. Administrators can also enable closed captioning at scale by configuring permission-based ordering from top global human captioning service providers right inside Panopto.

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Manage Webex Meetings recordings more efficiently with Panopto.

Secure every meeting recording.

Even the most routine meetings can include sensitive information you wouldn’t make publicly available. From product launch plans and promotional campaign schedules to testing schema and internal architecture discussions, there’s a lot your employees need to talk about that you don’t want the wrong eyes to see.

Employees typically attend three to five meetings per day. This means a large organization with thousands of employees can generate over a million meeting recordings a year. Maintaining the confidentiality of the intellectual property generated in these meetings is essential to any corporate IT strategy.

Integrating Webex Meetings with Panopto provides more control over meeting recording permissions, so employees can access and share recordings easily and you can be confident that confidential information inside those recordings is secured. All your Webex Meetings recordings are set to private by default in Panopto, and administrators can globally determine how open or restrictive sharing is for your organization’s videos. Single sign-on (SSO) enables employees to view secure videos with their existing credentials, reducing administrative support costs and enabling Webex Meetings admins to define user permissions at scale.

Panopto also includes sophisticated video management tools that enable administrators to set both system-wide and departmental content retention policies. A variety of other administrative tools allow you to customize branding and embed Panopto into third party systems, like your LMS, your company intranet, and other communication platforms.

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Stop wasting time converting .wrf and .arf to .mp4. With Panopto, you just press play to watch recorded Webex Meetings on any device.

No files to convert or player to download. Just press play.

Panopto automatically encodes Webex Meetings recordings for instant playback on any device and adjusts video quality based on available bandwidth.

Panopto’s embeddable video player offers additional features that make it easy for teams to continue to collaborate remotely after a meeting ends. The interactive player contains a notes and asynchronous chat feature allowing for discussion to continue inside the recording after the meeting takes place. And employees can bookmark key meeting moments to easily reference them later.

Integrate Webex Meetings with Panopto now.