Panopto meeting recording software makes it easy to record and share video conference recordings

Stop taking minutes. Start recording videos.

Meetings are often where work happens. Missing a meeting can mean missing out on important information, especially when traditional meeting minutes and email summaries don’t offer enough detail.  

That’s why a growing number of organizations now record meetings as a standard practice. When you record your meetings, no one has to resolve a last-minute scheduling conflict. Attendees can give their undivided attention without worrying about taking notes. Teams can share recorded meetings with new team members after the session took place. And a searchable archive of recorded meetings can provide an unparalleled historical context for ongoing projects.

Whether you’re recording from your video conferencing system, or simply with a camera in the conference room, Panopto makes it easy to securely capture, manage, and share just about any kind of meeting.

Panopto integrates with your existing unified communications tools, making it easier to manage and share video conference recordings

A powerful meeting recording manager.

Most video conferencing solutions provide basic recording functionality that allows you to capture the audio, video, and screen shares from your video meetings. But what happens to those videos once you finish recording? Most of the time, you’re left with a large file dropped onto your desktop, with no easy means to share that recording with the rest of the team.

Panopto integrates with industry-leading video conferencing software, including Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and BlueJeans to take the work out of managing and sharing your video conference recordings. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything different. Just press “record” in your video conferencing system, and once your call is finished, Panopto will automatically capture, convert, and upload your recorded meetings to a secure, searchable video content management system (video CMS).

Already have recorded meetings saved on network drives, in SharePoint, on employee hard drives, and elsewhere in your organization? No sweat. Panopto enables you to easily upload all of your existing conference recordings, while also making them searchable and shareable.

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Automatically transcode meeting and conference recordings with Panopto for playback on any device

Automatically convert meeting videos for playback on any device.

MP4, AVI, WMV and more — a big challenge to managing video conference recordings is simply that they come in so many different file types and formats. And making things worse, some of those formats are proprietary, which means they can’t be played on most devices without specialized software.

With Panopto, you don’t have to worry about video file compatibility. Panopto automatically transcodes every recording you capture with your online meeting solution so your video can be played back on any device.

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Search inside video conference and meeting recordings with Panopto

Search inside your meeting videos.

Meetings are valuable because they give people time to discuss a ton of information. But when you’re just looking for one specific detail, replaying a recorded meeting is usually the least efficient option. Who has time to watch a 60-minute web conference recording when all you needed was a two-minute segment?

Panopto’s Smart Search gives you a better solution. Smart Search automatically indexes every word spoken and shown on-screen in every video conference recording you upload to your library. With Smart Search, your people can search your videos the same way they search their email, and get direct links to instantly fast forward to the relevant moments they were looking for.

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Make your meeting recordings secure and easily accessible to those within your organization with Panopto

Manage viewer permissions at scale.

Panopto’s video CMS integrates with single sign-on (SSO) ID management solutions including Google Apps, oAuth, SAML, and Active Directory, so you can easily manage who in your organization is able to view what, at scale.

And if you’ve integrated Panopto with your organization’s web conference solution, users can set sharing permissions either for each individual video or for entire playlists and folders of meeting recordings.

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Customize how you upload recorded meetings and conferences with easy to use sample code and API's

Customize the way you manage video conference recordings.

Panopto’s video platform includes APIs that enable your developers to programmatically upload your recorded video conference calls securely to the cloud. Using the APIs and easy-to-use sample code, video conference calls can be ingested individually, or captured through the use of watch folders.

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Edit, cut or splice together multiple videos in Panopto's online video editor to ensure meeting recordings are on topic and relevant to viewers

Edit your meeting recordings.

“Glad that was recorded.” Whether a meeting got off topic halfway through or began with the usual catch-up about kids, sports, vacations, and other casual conversations, you don’t always need to document every second of a meeting.

Panopto’s online video editor has basic editing tools that make it easy for you to remove those first few minutes of personal discussions or to cut out off-topic conversations from your meeting videos. You can even splice together important moments from multiple meetings to pull every conversation about a project or initiative into one video.

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