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Epiphan & Panopto

A Unified AV Solution From Epiphan And Panopto

Epiphan and Panopto provide organizations with a powerful unified solution for automating, capturing, and managing video content.

Epiphan Pearl Mini video encoders work flawlessly with Panopto

Simplify video capture with Epiphan Pearl encoders and Panopto.

With Panopto and Epiphan, it’s never been easier to record your classrooms and conference rooms. Epiphan’s Pearl lineup features built in displays which provide AV professionals and end users with unique management options.  This fully-integrated AV solution enables flexible ad-hoc video capture as well as advanced scheduling and remote management of in-room recordings. 

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Epiphan's Panopto integration makes it easier to manage recordings securely

Automatically publish and manage video securely in Panopto.

Meetings, presentations, and lectures captured with Epiphan Pearl encoders can be automatically uploaded to Panopto’s secure video content management system (video CMS), where they will be transcoded for playback on any device and indexed for inside-video search. 

Panopto integrates with most popular single sign-on (SSO) identity management solutions, making it easy for administrators and video creators to manage which viewers are able to watch which videos, securely and at scale.

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Watch Epiphan recordings in Panopto's interactive multi-source video player

Present multiple video streams side-by-side. In Panopto’s interactive HD video player.

Epiphan Pearl encoders make it easy to capture multiple simultaneous HD video feeds. With Panopto, those feeds are automatically synchronized for viewing in Panopto’s unique interactive video player, providing your audience with the highest quality multi-camera playback experience. 

Panopto’s interactive video players also enable viewers to search inside videos, skip ahead with thumbnail previews, speed up and slow down playback, toggle closed captions on and off, take notes inside the video, and more.

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Integrate Epiphan with Panopto now.