So much more than picture-in-picture.

Stop hiding your lower right corner. With Panopto, you can watch the presenter and their on-screen content in full HD, simultaneously. Panopto even automatically generates a table of contents and video thumbnails, making navigation a snap.

An optimal player for every device.

Serving the same video format to every device? That’s not really “on-demand.” Panopto detects your device and delivers a playback experience tailored to your screen size and video capabilities.

Watching on a Mac or PC? You’ll see our full interactive player. On a smartphone? You get a video podcast. On a tablet? Custom iOS and Android players.

Configurable captions.

Easily configure the look and feel of video captions, specifying color palette, size, and position. Viewers can toggle captions on and off simply by clicking a convenient “CC” button in our interactive and embedded video players.

Interactive players for active viewing.

Panopto’s video platform features an interactive video player, making it easy to search inside videos, navigate using chapters or captions, bookmark key points in the video, and more.

  • Take notes while you watch

    Take notes directly in the video player. Each is saved automatically as a personal bookmark that you can review in the future or share with others.

  • Ratings and social sharing

    Rate videos from one to five stars and easily share videos via email or on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Easy navigation

    No more hunting and pecking in the timeline. Panopto indexes every video for search, and creates a table of contents and thumbnails for simplified navigation.

Learn about other Panopto features.