Native iOS and Android apps.

Make your own technology choices.

In the battle of smartphone operating systems, you’ll never convince someone to switch sides. So don’t bother. Panopto offers native mobile Android and iOS apps that support video playback, uploading, searching, and more.

Automatic device detection.

Optimal playback for every mobile device.

The video you see on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and the one you see on your iPad Pro should be tailored to the size and capabilities of the device. Panopto automatically detects your device every time you click play, and delivers a playback experience optimized for that device’s form factor.

Not shoehorned.
Not squeezed.
Not stuffed.

A video platform actually designed for mobile.

Supporting mobile video should mean more than just picture-in-picture playback. Panopto’s mobile apps are part of our integrated video platform, giving you more options for recording, uploading, searching, sharing, and of course, watching videos.

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