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Mobile Video Platform & Apps

With automatic device detection and mobile apps for iOS and Android, Panopto puts your entire video platform in your pocket.

A complete, all-in-one video platform.

That you can take anywhere.

“Support mobile video” should mean more than just offering picture-in-picture playback. With Panopto’s mobile video platform, you can record videos, schedule new recordings, approve new videos, search your entire video library, and share videos all from your smartphone or tablet.

A mobile video platform that does more.

HTML5 Mobile Video Player

Panopto’s HTML5 video player delivers an optimized viewing experience with fast startup and minimal buffering, regardless of connection speed.

Customizable Video Layouts

Choose how your audience sees your video on mobile: side by side, picture-in-picture, or our unique tile view for multi-camera videos.

Offline Mobile Viewing

Enable viewers to download your recordings to their mobile devices for offline viewing.

Mobile Video Captions

Panopto’s mobile apps and embedded video podcasts give viewers the ability to see closed captions during playback.

Mobile Video Recording

The best camera is the one you have on you. Panopto’s mobile apps make it easy to upload video captured with a mobile device.

With Panopto’s iOS and Android apps, you can find any word spoken or shown within any video, and fast forward to that precise moment.

Native iOS and Android apps.

Make your own technology choices.

In the battle of smartphone operating systems, you’ll never convince someone to switch sides. So don’t worry about it. Panopto offers native mobile Android and iOS apps that support video recording, upload, search, playback, and more.

Automatic device detection.

A mobile HD video player that works on every device.

The video you see on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and the one you see on your iPad Pro should be tailored to the size and capabilities of the device. Panopto’s HTML5 mobile video player automatically detects your device every time you click play and delivers a viewing experience optimized for your screen resolution and connection speed.

Manage recordings remotely with your smartphone.

For administrators, our unique Remote Control feature enables you to preview, schedule, and manage recordings in any rooms where Panopto is deployed.

View live broadcasts on the go.

Your mobile viewers will see less buffering and higher-quality playback when you live stream with Panopto. Panopto uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to deliver the best possible viewing experience for live streams on a mobile device, and includes DVR-style controls that enable viewers to rewind a live stream during a broadcast.

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