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Panopto Updates That Personalize Learning

Don’t miss these new features from Panopto 14.16: clean caption transcripts, accessibility enhancements, and more.

While technology continues to shape modern working and learning, it’s never been more important for your video learning platform to support diverse learning needs. And deliver a seamless learning experience with preferred learning tools like your LMS.

We’re excited to announce our latest release, Panopto 14.16, featuring accessibility and LMS improvements that sync Panopto’s video learning platform even more closely to diverse user experiences and platforms.

Make learning with video even more personal

Accessibility features improve learning with video for all learners, wherever they are and however they learn best.

Clean Caption Transcript Downloads for Advanced Support

We’ve added a site-wide setting for users to download clean caption transcripts without timestamps. 

For learners or creators reviewing transcripts instead of or in addition to video playback–especially if translating into other languages–this feature supports personalized learning pathways for content, review, retention, and more. Students can now use clean transcripts without timestamps for projects like podcasts or taking extra notes in class.

Admins can enable this feature through site settings.

ASR Captioning Improvements

We’ve updated our automatic speech recognition (ASR). Norwegian captioning has greatly improved, increasing accuracy for Norwegian learners.

Other Accessibility Enhancements

To improve the Panopto experience for all learners, we’ve updated several other accessibility features, including:

  • improvements to the Panopto viewer
  • ability to launch quizzes using the keyboard
  • improving ARIA labels on the volume slider
  • and screen reader search result announcements.

Improvements to Panopto’s user experience with your LMS

Eliminating 3rd Party Cookie Dependencies for Enhanced LTI Workflows

Access to Panopto content in Blackboard, Canvas, and Brightspace works without 3rd party cookies. This reduces the number of sign-is for learners accessing video through their LMS.

This feature utilizes post message storage and tokens for authentication, ensuring users can access Panopto content even if their browser has 3rd party cookies disabled.

Moodle 4.3

We now offer full support for Moodle version 4.3, with support for version 4.4 following closely this summer.

Stay tuned for more updates

We’re continually updating our platform to provide a modern learning experience with video for global teams, institutions, and organizations. Stay tuned for more updates this year.

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