Panopto & Viz Capturecast

True AVoverIP NDI workflows with
Vizrt CaptureCast and Panopto integration.

Panopto’s seamless integration with Blackboard makes it easier than ever for customers of Blackboard and Panopto to create, share, and view learning and lecture capture videos within any courses in the Blackboard environment.

Future-proof AVoverIP ecosystem- from NDI devices to video cloud distribution

Panopto’s integration with Vizrt’s CaptureCast system allows for one of the first truly streamlined AVoverIP workflows using state-of-the-art NDI technology. It offers one of the world’s first end-to-end AVoverIP video ecosystems, combining high-quality capture of NDI devices to fast cloud distribution of video content through Panopto’s market-leading VCMS solution. Furthermore, it allows institutions to add Panopto to their CaptureCast technology ecosystem, and vice versa, without any additional hardware, thereby enabling users to simply plug and play and save on implementation and installation costs.


True multi-room NDI workflow – without the need for SDI or HDMI

Making use of the multi-room NDI process, organizations can physically synchronize separate video sources in the cloud and stream them as a single production. For example, Panopto and CaptureCast together can synchronize an NDI-enabled camera at the back of an auditorium with a demo laptop on stage, capturing both feeds simultaneously. These can subsequently be streamed to a live audience without the need for physical connections between video sources as is the case with classic SDI or HDMI workflows. Panopto also includes pre-existing support for NDI tools.

CaptureCast Pro recorders support the Universal Capture Specification

Web-based configuration, scheduling, recording and AV room management

The unique integration with Panopto’s Remote Recorder feature enables users to pre-configure, schedule and record video through a simple web browser, making the experience both simple and device agnostic. Adding the use of CaptureCast’s Command Centre and Panopto’s Administrator Dashboard on top of the new AVoverIP workflows guarantees enhanced AV room management, all delivered through the CaptureCast and Panopto integration.